First snow 2015

First snow 2015

About bloody time! I’ve been waiting for this since mid-October!

As we’re getting closer to the winter solstice the days are getting shorter and shorter. Right now the sun rises around 8:00 and sets around 14:00 here, and soon it will barely rise at all.
I don’t mind the darkness that much as long as there’s snow on the ground, but without snow it get’s real old real quick. Without snow, even with the street lights on it’s so dark outside you can barely see where you’re going.

So I’m praying to every god/goddess I know that the temperature will keep dropping and that it will keep snowing. I’m done with autumn, now I want winter! :)

Do you have snow yet where you live?

(Unless, of course, you’re living in the southern hemisphere. Do you guys have full on summer now?)

Imaginary Karin - first snow 2015

First snow 2015

First snow 2015


  1. 19 November 2015

    Oh wow, it sounds strange that the sun starts to set at 14:00. I am on the other side of the world, so we are indeed entering summer, and the sun does not set until 20:00 or 21:00. If it was winter, you would commonly see the sun until at least 17:00!

    Of course it does not snow where I am either. Maybe that makes a difference. xD

    Oh and I should mention that being in Australia we get quite hot summers, but we are due to have a 42ºC day tomorrow… which is quite frickin hot and a little more uncommon… haha.

  2. 19 November 2015

    We woke up to snow on the ground for the first time today. It’s a lot later this year than normal, but I’m okay with that. Now that I’m driving, I’m scared of the snow. I haven’t driven in it yet and I’m not really sure what to expect. That’s crazy that the sun goes down so early where you live. I think the sun goes down around 4:30pm here. I just checked online and the earliest setting time will be 4:15pm on the shortest day of the year.

  3. 21 November 2015

    I haven’t seen snow in years. Living in UAE makes snow a non-occurrence, haha. Our days are shorter and cooler though. Which I loathe. I wish I could fast forward past all this nonsense and back to warmer weather.

    • 29 November 2015

      Hah, must be nice to never have to bother with winter tires and snow chains and icy roads. :)

      When you say “cool”, how cool is that? I’m under the impression that even winters in UAE are super hot, but don’t know if that’s correct.

  4. 22 November 2015

    Wow, that’s a short day and an early sunset! The snow looks beautiful though. I especially love the last photo :D Sadly, we barely get snow where I live. It’s more likely for the roads to ice over than to get snow. If we do get snow, it’s very little, but people still freak out since it’s not normal!

  5. 22 November 2015

    It looks so amazing. Honestly, I would love it if there was a lot more night. :D

    There have been getting some really hot days in Australia. :(((( Can I have winter now as well? Pleeease?

  6. 25 November 2015

    Nope, not yet. We probably won’t see snow until Jan-Feb really. Snow is nice, but ice is hell to drive or walk on.

    • 29 November 2015

      I agree with you, snow is not a problem but icy roads are no fun. :(

  7. 29 November 2015

    Hooray for snow! :D It hasn’t snowed yet where I am, but it’s getting colder and colder. I expect a lot of snow in January. The sun’s been setting here but 18:00! Very disorienting for me still. Snow is pretty, but it’s not fun to walk or drive through it!

    • 29 November 2015

      Hooray indeed! :D Personally I don’t mind driving in snow, ice is much more difficult. It can be do damn slippery.

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