First snow 2012

I think it’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me to blog about the first snow each year. ;)
What can I say, I love winter and I’m very interested in nature and what’s going on outside in general. My dad writes down the weather for each day in his calendar because he think it’s fun to go back and see what it was like a month, a year or maybe several years ago. I’m not there yet but give it another 30 years or so and I’ll probably do the same…

Anyway, today it snowed!
They had promised snow today but when I woke up it was just raining. As usual… But around lunch the rain was at least 50% snow and now (9 o’clock in the evening) it’s snowing for real! It’s pitch black outside so I couldn’t get a better photo than that though.
Unfortunately it’s still a bit too warm so this’ll probably be gone if not tomorrow so in a few days.

Same question as every year: Do you have snow yet!? Do you even care? :P