First snow 2011

Imaginary Karin - first snow 2011

Finally!! But it’s not much, and the thermometer is showing 0°C (32°F) so it’s really warm and wet and will probably be gone by tomorrow…

Do you know how disturbing it is that we haven’t had snow yet? It’s November 20th FFS! :doh:

If I lived in Stockholm I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow over it – but this is north Sweden. How can we NOT have snow? Last year the first snow fell on October 15 and stayed for the rest of the winter. 2009 the first snow came on October 6. I’ve been waiting for snow for weeks already and I’m getting more than a little sick of this lame weather we’ve been having.
The worst part isn’t the dampness and how muddy everything is, it’s the darkness. When you don’t have snow it gets pitch black when the sun sets, and it sets at 17.00. This is Not Cool.

I just hope the snow has settled for real before we reach December… :( When you’re used to white Christmases it’s kinda hard to get into holiday mood without it.

Anyone else out there being snowless?


  1. 20 November 2011

    Vädret är helt upp och ner! Här nere är det bara dimma jämt. Lite snö hade inte varit fel, föredrar det framför dimma faktiskt.
    Fin ny layout dessutom! :D

  2. 21 November 2011

    No snow in Oslo either, but I love it ;) As long as there’s snow around Christmas I’m happy, the rest of the year the snow can stay away :D

  3. 23 November 2011

    I’m not sure wtf is up with the climate these days. Even in Oslo, growing up I would have white Christmases. The last few years when I’ve been home, it’s been wet, muddy, and if I’m lucky – some brown sludge. No snow. It’s lame as hell. :(

  4. 23 November 2011

    Hösten har minst sagt varit mild. Utanför mitt jobb blommar rosenbuskarna för en andra gång och en vän i Stockholm hittade till och med nya smultron, mitt i oktober! Jag är i alla fall glad över att det är varmt. Även om de två senaste vintrarna varit väldigt snörika så är det ändå inte konstigt att vara utan snö den här tiden på året här i södra Sverige.

  5. 26 November 2011

    while it has snowed here it was BS and it didn’t stick, so there for It doesn’t count. We’ve been having warm weather. 8O

  6. 26 November 2011

    I’m glad you finally got your snow since you seem to want it so badly. I really love how beautiful snow looks but I really can’t stand the cold and I hate being out in the snow so I’m glad that I now live in a place where it doesn’t snow. ;)

  7. 28 November 2011

    We are not snowless up here in Alaska, let me tell you! Not sure when the first snow was, because I absolutely hate snow and don’t really want to think about it, but the temperature has dipped to -40°F more than once :( This week they say it’s supposed to be up in the 30s again so I think we’re going to get a lot of black ice and really bad roads! :( The same thing happened last year around this time and my husband was stuck at home for an extra 3 days (he’s in the Army so when they tell you to stay home cuz of the roads, you stay home)

    I hope you get some snow, though, since you’re missing it! It would be sad to have a “green” Christmas

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