First snow 2010

Imaginary Karin - first snow 2010

Imaginary Karin - first snow 2010

See what I woke up to last morning! It’s snowing in north Sweden :D
It was really wet snow and it was really windy, almost a blizzard. I looked like a soaked cat when I got to work. But it’s turned into ice now and everything is covered in a thin layer of white ice, the streets are like skating-rinks. Even the dog is slipping!

Everyone else is complaining about it but I’m happy! Last year we had our first snow in the very beginning of October, so I’ve been waiting for this for weeks already :P I just wish it was real snow, not this icy stuff. But that will probably be another week or two.

Has anyone else had snow yet? Or am I the only one living on the north pole?

(And no, my camera isn’t fixed, but I found my old one in a drawer. It’s working but it’s not as nice…)


  1. 16 October 2010

    I don’t like snow personally, but I appreciate it! It reminds me of magic for whatever reason, everything being white and clean.

    • 29 October 2010

      I know, right? The first snow is always special and magical, like something from another world :)

  2. 16 October 2010

    Ingen snö här nere i söder än i alla fall ^^ Föredrar snö framför en regnig och blåsig höst faktiskt ;)

  3. 16 October 2010

    Yes, it snowed here today. I was quite upset. I am not a fan of the snow at all. At least it all melted by late evening. It sucks that yours has stuck and is now ice. That’s definitely the worst! Drive safe :)

  4. 16 October 2010

    First snow?!?! Ahhhhh, that means winter is on its way. I don’t like winter :(

  5. 16 October 2010

    Wow this is the first I’ve read about snow! Very pretty. :)

  6. 16 October 2010

    Oh man… you have no idea how jealous I am. According to me, you are the only one who lives on the north pole. Most people (whose blogs I read) seem to hate snow when they get a lot of it. I don’t get any in Australia, unless I want to travel hours and hours up hilly mountains to their peaks to experience it.

    Regardless, it’s spring at the moment and I’m waiting for the heat to kick in. It’s been soooo windy the past few days it’s ridiculous.

    I love the photos though; they still look amazing. :D

  7. 16 October 2010

    Yay! Let it Snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Looks beautiful, Karin. Have fun. :yay: :yay: :yay:

  8. 17 October 2010

    Oh my! The snow is so pretty. You’re lucky. I have never seen snow in my life. :(

  9. 17 October 2010

    Well, it DID snow in Germany, but only on the highest mountain Zugspitze :) I need to get my winter tires on though.

  10. 17 October 2010

    I moved from Texas to Washington state in the spring and I have been waiting ALL YEAR for snow!! I don’t think it snows in WA until late November though so I still have a little bit longer to wait :(

  11. 21 October 2010

    Heey, first of all, your blog is really cool ^^

    I’ve never seen snow before :(
    I’ve lived in Brazil and here there’s no snow (somewhere there is but not where I live).
    Soo… I don’t know how is wake up and go to work, and look like soaking wet by windy snow.

    Cool pictures. Even your camera doesn’t working so well, they’re nice =)

    Lotta kisses :P

    • 29 October 2010

      Thank you! :D
      I have a friend who moved here from Brazil and unfortunately she hates the snow.. Maybe you’re lucky for living somewhere warm, being cold isn’t to everyone’s liking ;)

  12. 22 October 2010

    I’m jealous! We haven’t have snow yet here but I think there was some snow somewhere more north. I love snow and winter but don’t want snow before November.

    I think it said in the news that this would the coldest winter in 1000 years. Woop! Can’t wait :D

  13. 23 October 2010

    Oh wow you got snow already?! I don’t think we’re gonna get any, it hasn’t been cold enough and we got like NONE last year :doh: But I can TOTALLY live without it ;P

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