Finally watching Doctor Who

So after many years of seeing the whole Internet (well, my part of the Internet anyway) littered with weird gifs, quotes, screencaps and random emotional outbursts regarding Doctor Who I finally caved in and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Since I figured I’m late enough to the party as it is I skipped the old classics and started watching the new series. I’ve just finished season 2.

Aaaaaand this is what I think about it:

The show looks really low-budget, but I’m not going to hold that against it. A show’s value shouldn’t be judged solely by its 3D (or lack thereof).

Some elements I find ridiculous, like the Daleks for example. They’re the meanest, deadliest, most badass villains in the known universe, right? And they look like big salt shakers gliding around with plungers for arms? FLYING salt shakers nonetheless! Omg, I almost died laughing when they started flying! XD

At this point Markus said “Are you fucking kidding me?” and walked out of the room.

But I know how old the show is, and in the 60’s they didn’t have fancy digital techniques so they were forced to use actual make-up and props. I’m guessing when they filmed those first seasons it probably made a lot of sense to design Daleks like that – and now they’re just sticking to the lore.
So I’m not going to complain about silly-looking aliens either. The funny and bizarre designs are actually rather charming once you get used to it.

Truth is I think the whole show is charming.

I love the quirky characters and the equally quirky stories – they’re all brilliant, not just the Doctor. The technology in the show is just as bizarre as the aliens using it, and I like that nobody really cares to explain it. The world of sci-fi is full of horribly embarrassing attempts to scientifically explain what’s going on, but in Doctor Who everyone’s just like “this is alien technology” and that’s it. Who cares about the laws of physics!? It’s alien!
On top of that, I get all emotional when watching it, and that’s not how I normally react to television. I don’t cry over Game of Thrones, I don’t cry over Supernatural, I don’t cry over Sherlock, but this silly cheese-fest has me in tears like every other episode!?

I think… I think I’m turning into a Whovian. :crazy:


  1. 25 September 2013

    Oh gosh, I couldn’t even get through the first episode. It was so boring. Ugh. Like you, I’ve seen all the hype around the internet, but I just don’t know if it’s for me. Maybe I will try again one day.

  2. 25 September 2013

    I agree that the first ep is terrible and the first season has a lot of bad eps and looks very low budget. But it doesn’t make the show any less mind-blowing. It’s brilliantly written, always with lots of foreshadowing. S1 finale was my favorite, closely followed by the S2 finale. Unfortunately the show looses some of its charme for me when the 11th Doctor arrives. But since some folks actually prefer him (no idea why), I’ll let you be the judge of that ;)

    • 30 September 2013

      David Tennant is amazing so I honestly can’t see how anyone could replace him. I’m already dreading the change :P

      And don’t talk to me about the season 2 finale! :cry: Rose broke my heart in several places, it was just the saddest thing ever.

  3. 25 September 2013

    Jen and I are SO IN LOVE with the show! We started with series 5, the 11th Doctor. I watched first, was enchanted, and told Jen. We watched the first episode together, and have watched every epi up until series 7.2! Once we get our monthly, we’ll watch 7.2 :yay:

    While we wait, we’ve started with series 1 and the 9th Doctor, and we love ’tis as well. I don’t really like Rose so far. :/ We’ll see. The 11th Doctor, I think, will forever be my favorite.

    I’m a HUGE sci-fi nerd, and even more so, an astronomy, time traveling, science, history nerd. So the show is totally right up my alley, and Jen’s too!

    I hope you continue enjoying. :heart:

  4. 25 September 2013

    It looks like everyone and their neighbor watches this show, except me ;) For me it’s one of those “I should watch this some day” shows along with about 38935 others, but I don’t have enough time! I actually laughed out loud by your description of those villains, having never heard of them before they sound so silly xD

    • 30 September 2013

      Ugh, there are SO MANY shows out there it’s impossible to keep up. I too have lots of “some day” shows, but that’s a list that never gets any shorter… Doctor Who is actually really worth watching though, so I’m glad I started it :)

  5. 29 September 2013

    I’ve never watched Doctor Who either! But it is a huge cult thing in the UK. Can you believe that children were scared of the Daleks back in the 60s! :D

    • 30 September 2013

      Haha, but Daleks are the least scary of all the villians!? They’re just so silly, how can anyone be afraid of them? XD

  6. 1 October 2013

    Inom den bloggkrets jag rör mig i, vilken förmodligen delvis är samma som du rör dig i, har jag också läst mycket om hur fantastiskt Doctor Who är. Har själv ännu inte sett serien. Måste ta tag i det.

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