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So apparently I’m not dead, I just fell off the blogging wagon for a while. For some reason that always happen to me either in the spring or in the early autumn. Guess it has something to do with the seasons changing, but it usually only happens once a year. Hopefully that means I won’t fall off again until 2017 :P
Anyway, let’s get back into things with some positivity: my current favourite things!

Music: Volbeat – For Evigt

Volbeat is a rock/rockabilly/metal band from Denmark, but their songs are in English though, they just add a few Danish lines here and there in some songs. The singer has an amazing voice and despite their often melancholic lyrics this band always makes me feel happy and energetic.

Last week they released their new single For Evigt (means “forever”) and I’ve been playing it on repeat since then. This is my current favourite song. :heart:

Television 1: Game of fucking Thrones!!

I cancelled my subscription to HBO last autumn, but now that Game of Thrones is back on I had to sign up again! At last! :D What’s interesting is that this is the first season where the show is completely ahead of the books. Since I’ve read the books I’ve always had a general idea what would happen, but now the story could swerve in any direction. It will be so exciting to see where the writers will take it!

My only gripe is that the Americans get the latest episode almost a day before I can watch it, so right now every Monday I will have to avoid pretty much the entire Internet…

Game of Thrones spoilers gif

Television 2: Vikings

Second reason to renew my HBO subscription: the new season of Vikings.

I love this show. Of course it’s not 100% historically correct, but as a Scandinavian it’s still fun to see something serious made from our history/mythology. The characters are interesting and it’s very beautifully made (perhaps a bit too beautiful sometimes. For example, the real Uppsala is flatland and certainly doesn’t have such epic waterfalls).

I can definitely recommend this show if you like historical dramas. Historical dramas with half-naked long-haired men with tattoos – and badass women fighting with sword and shield alongside said men… :)~

Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive

This movie came out in 2013, so it’s not exactly new, but I only discovered it last week and was blown away by it.

The plot is simple, it’s just about Adam and Eve and their love for each other. We simply get a glimpse into their lives and their world. The pace is slow with no major twists and no real action. The cast is perfect and their acting top class. Every single scene is beautifully filmed, beautifully lit, and accentuated with the most perfect music.
I was expecting some generic vampire movie but instead got a work of art.

All that aside, it was totally worth watching just for the otherworldly beauty that is Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. *Swoon*

Only Lovers Left Alive