This Wednesday was Markus’ 25th birthday and for that I took him out on a somewhat fancier dinner date. Which scared him senseless once he found out.
We’re rather simple folk, the kind of people who choose beer over champagne every time and rather drive an old, rusty Volvo than a stylish sports car. And we never ever go to fancy restaurants.

“But… but… I can’t wear this then! Where’s my nice shirt? Is it in the laundry? DO I NEED A TIE!!??” 8O

He was also worried that we would have to drink wine. I told him to calm the fuck down and just take a plain black shirt and order a beer or water or something. ;) Truth be told I was a little nervous too.

(The images are crappy because it was rather dark and cosy in there and I didn’t want to disturb the other guests by using the flash.)

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

Like I said, we’re not very used to finer establishments so when we got there we spent a whole minute standing in the hallway wondering if we were supposed to wait to be seated or just grab a table. Then a waitress walked by and noticed us standing awkwardly behind the door. She took us to a great table in the corner, with a good view of both the restaurant and the river outside.

Inside the restaurant was rather small and cosy and we could see the chef placing the food and decorating the plates behind the counter. There were other guests there, but they were sitting to the right and on the tables behind Markus.

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

This was a complementary appetizer they came out with. It’s fried European perch with some lemony cucumber thing. I honestly can’t remember what the waitress said, but it tasted really good.

After this the waitress came out with what looked like two muffins in a plastic case and a small plate with what looked like ice cream with a little green leaf and some spice sprinkled on it. After she left we just sat there like two idiots looking at it.

“What is that?” Markus whispered.

“I… don’t know. It looks like dessert?” I whispered back.

“So… we’re supposed to eat it? Like, now? Is it another appetizer?”

“I don’t know!!”

We spent a few confused moments staring at the supposed dessert until we saw the waitress go to another table with the same things and the lady at that table actually spoke up (i.e. unlike us she wasn’t completely socially handicapped) and asked what it was.

“Oh, it’s bread and butter for you” the girl replied.

I felt like such a n00b when I heard it. Of course it was bread and butter! I wish I had taken a photo of it to show you though, because it did look an awful lot like muffins and ice cream. Just sayin’.

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

Starter: king bolete (mushroom) soup with smoked pork belly, preserved onions, and rowanberry caprice. The big red thing in the middle is a thin slice of crispy dried meat. It was absolutely delicious, the best dish of the night in my opinion.

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

Main course: fried venison with two sauces (mushroom and juniper berry sauce), kale salad with beetroots, lingonberries and chanterelles. Loved everything but the meat. I’m not a big meat lover and it was just a bit too much of it on the plate.

Imaginary Karin - fancy dinner date

Dessert: hot chocolate cake with a taste of coffee and cognac, served with licorice ice cream and licorice lava with some freeze-dried raspberries and blueberries.
This was rather interesting, I had never heard of “licorice lava” before, but it was really good. It looked just like lava and when chewing it it felt kinda fizzy on the tongue. I didn’t think it would go well with the chocolate, but surprisingly it worked really well together!

Last fallacy of the evening was when it was time to pay and my card refused to work. God, I hate that… Luckily we had enough in our wallets to pay in cash, but I was still embarrassed. I knew I had money on it, the stupid thing just wasn’t working for some reason! :doh:

All in all: the food was delicious and the restaurant was really nice.
And next year I’ll probably just take him to a pizza parlour…