Etsy findings: Modern & Vintage

So I’ve been shopping on Etsy again, this time for a new case/cover for my phone. I decided I wanted something bag-like, i.e. something that wraps around it rather than just a shell for the back, since I tend to have all sorts of sharp and none-phone-friendly stuff (keys, pens, food) in my pockets and bags.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted in the regular stores so naturally I turned to Etsy. Etsy is perfect for these types of thing, and I found lots of really cute cases! Like this one with cute owls and this one with elephants and a turquoise pattern, but my choice fell upon this:

It’s made from linen with a little pocket with a white crown print on red. I must admit, since I’m a bit of an Anglophile, the little British flag on the back helped in the decision-making. ;)
(I think I need to make a separate blog post just about my strange love for all things British.)

The shop I bought it from is Modern & Vintage, a UK based shop selling various hand made bags and phone covers. They have lots of really cute and quirky patterns and designs, and the shipping was fast and without problems. I can recommend checking them out!


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