One full month since the last post, eh? Feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the Internet…

But it is for a good reason! I now have a job :yay:
Previously I’ve been pending between freelance work, temporary jobs and unemployment – but since the end of February I actually have a normal 8-5 job. It’s at the same advertising agency I’ve done so much freelance work for so it’s not a huge difference. I already know everyone there and such. It’s just that now I actually have to be there :P


Zaphod is having a hard day at the office :D

It feels great to have somewhere to go in the morning, when you’re working from home (or not working at all) all routines go out the window. Especially for me. I turn into Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances in no time… Now I’m actually forced to get out of bed, take a shower and put on some nice clothes rather than loafing around with greasy hair and dirty sweatpants all day.
I’m just not used to getting up so freaking early, I was walking around like a zombie the first two weeks *yawn*

And what’s really great is that I can bring Zaphod with me :) He doesn’t care about people coming and going and never barks so it’s no problem having him here. He sleeps in a basket under my desk and during the lunch hour we go for a walk along the river.

Imaginary Karin - employed

This is the view from the window. Not a very good view at the moment though… There’s a snowstorm raging. The spring equinox is on Saturday, but it doesn’t feel very spring-y at all…

Anyway, I’m not dead :)
It’s just that I try to be good and leave the computer at work (really, 8 hours/day should be enough) so I don’t get to do much personal online stuff. And when I get home I’m usually to tired to do anything constructive.
But I will try to make some stuff for the new Qbee activities! The club has been updated in several ways and is now having a “house swarming party” :D I’ll show up with some cupcakes later, ok?