One full month since the last post, eh? Feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the Internet…

But it is for a good reason! I now have a job :yay:
Previously I’ve been pending between freelance work, temporary jobs and unemployment – but since the end of February I actually have a normal 8-5 job. It’s at the same advertising agency I’ve done so much freelance work for so it’s not a huge difference. I already know everyone there and such. It’s just that now I actually have to be there :P

Zaphod is having a hard day at the office :D

It feels great to have somewhere to go in the morning, when you’re working from home (or not working at all) all routines go out the window. Especially for me. I turn into Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances in no time… Now I’m actually forced to get out of bed, take a shower and put on some nice clothes rather than loafing around with greasy hair and dirty sweatpants all day.
I’m just not used to getting up so freaking early, I was walking around like a zombie the first two weeks *yawn*

And what’s really great is that I can bring Zaphod with me :) He doesn’t care about people coming and going and never barks so it’s no problem having him here. He sleeps in a basket under my desk and during the lunch hour we go for a walk along the river.

Imaginary Karin - employed

This is the view from the window. Not a very good view at the moment though… There’s a snowstorm raging. The spring equinox is on Saturday, but it doesn’t feel very spring-y at all…

Anyway, I’m not dead :)
It’s just that I try to be good and leave the computer at work (really, 8 hours/day should be enough) so I don’t get to do much personal online stuff. And when I get home I’m usually to tired to do anything constructive.
But I will try to make some stuff for the new Qbee activities! The club has been updated in several ways and is now having a “house swarming party” :D I’ll show up with some cupcakes later, ok?


  1. 19 March 2010

    Congratulations! And wow, that’s so nice that they let you bring Zaphod there. :)

  2. 19 March 2010

    Congratulations! It seems to be a good agency if they let you go to work with Zaphod :heart: I miss you at the Lucky Dip activity but I’m sure I’ll be surprised by them :yay:
    The Cranberries show was amazing! Don’t miss then if you have the chance! :rock:

  3. 19 March 2010

    Oh, wow! Congratulations, Karin! It must be wonderful to have a job. I’m in my last year of high school and I can’t wait to get graduated and go to college. I also want to do some freelance work while I study in college and hopefully, I could open my small business in the future :heart:

    You know, it’s so nice of them to let Zaphod tag along! I’ve never seen a workplace like that! I’ve actually wanted to join the Qbee for years now, but I just couldn’t find the right time :p

  4. 19 March 2010

    Congrats!!! Glad you can bring Zaphod with you. It is so nice when you can bring loved ones to work with you. Bet he enjoys it too.

  5. 20 March 2010

    Congrats about the job! It sounds wonderful :D And that’s awesome they let you bring Zaphod with you. I’ve never heard of an agency allowing its employees to bring pets to the workplace.

  6. 21 March 2010

    Congrats! It sounds like an awesome job. Your workspace looks cozy and how great that you get to bring Zaphod with you! The only places I’ve ever heard of allowing their employees to bring pets are veterinary offices.

    I go to school online, so I know all about working from home, trying to force yourself into a routine, and slouching around in sweatpants all day. :P

  7. 22 March 2010

    Congrats on your nice new job! I’ve never heard of work places letting you bring your pet along, so lucky!

  8. 23 March 2010

    All of the charts will be approx. 10×12 inches big. So yeah they are fairly big.

    I know I wasn’t going to change the theme again, but this them just came together & didn’t give me any problems so I decided that I would go ahead & load it, lol.

  9. 25 March 2010

    Congrats ;)

    That’s so cool that you can bring your doggie with you to work! :D

  10. 25 March 2010

    Congrats on getting the job! I’d love to get a job with a work environment like yours – chill and relaxing. And you get to bring your dog with you too!

  11. 27 March 2010

    I am so jealous that you get to bring your dog!!! He looks so comfy. And long lunch walks!!!! :)

  12. Michelle
    20 April 2010

    Congrats on getting the job! I’d love to get a job with a work environment like yours – chill and relaxing. And you get to bring your dog with you too!

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