My birthday is still a week away, but Markus’ parents came to visit and celebrate me a little early.
They stayed for 3 days and we had a really nice time. Zaphod was very pleased to see his favourite food dispensers grandparents again ;)

Imaginary Karin - birthday 2011

Imaginary Karin - birthday 2011

For Christmas I got a very U.F.O. looking ceiling lamp, and two matching window lamps to go with it.
Or as Markus put it: “We got Death Star! We got Death Star!” XD

Imaginary Karin - birthday presents 2011

From Markus’ sister I got a candle, a beautiful glass bowl (100% recycled glass) and a potted plant. The plant is a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or Snake Plant. I tend to kill everything green around me, but I’ve heard these are hardy so maybe I’ll manage to keep this one alive :P

I also got a book about tarot from Markus’ mother. That sort of things really interest me so I started reading it straight away. The fact that the illustrations are made by Hans Arnold, one of my favourite Swedish illustrators, makes it even better :love: (Google him, he was a brilliant artist)
I’ve never had the opportunity to have a tarot reading before but now I’m a little tempted to get a deck of my own and try it out. It sounds pretty fascinating. Have you guys had any experience with tarot?