Early birthday celebration

My birthday is still a week away, but Markus’ parents came to visit and celebrate me a little early.
They stayed for 3 days and we had a really nice time. Zaphod was very pleased to see his favourite food dispensers grandparents again ;)

Imaginary Karin - birthday 2011

Imaginary Karin - birthday 2011

For Christmas I got a very U.F.O. looking ceiling lamp, and two matching window lamps to go with it.
Or as Markus put it: “We got Death Star! We got Death Star!” XD

Imaginary Karin - birthday presents 2011

From Markus’ sister I got a candle, a beautiful glass bowl (100% recycled glass) and a potted plant. The plant is a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or Snake Plant. I tend to kill everything green around me, but I’ve heard these are hardy so maybe I’ll manage to keep this one alive :P

I also got a book about tarot from Markus’ mother. That sort of things really interest me so I started reading it straight away. The fact that the illustrations are made by Hans Arnold, one of my favourite Swedish illustrators, makes it even better :love: (Google him, he was a brilliant artist)
I’ve never had the opportunity to have a tarot reading before but now I’m a little tempted to get a deck of my own and try it out. It sounds pretty fascinating. Have you guys had any experience with tarot?


  1. 17 March 2011

    Food dispensers… hahaha.

    Great presents! Happy Early Birthday! :)

  2. 18 March 2011

    Yay for the recycled glass!! Ahahh. :) Happy birthday! (:

  3. 18 March 2011

    Oh those window lights are so pretty! I would be pretty excited to get them myself, no lie lol. Tarort card readings are something thats done at pretty much every fair here which is kind of cool I think. Everything about it though has been pretty random save the fact that I always here ‘ you’ll have lots of babies soon =x

  4. 18 March 2011

    I am so glad to hear that you had a good early birthday celebration. All of your presents look really cool. I especially like the glass bowl – the colors are amazing and the tarot card set, since I have been wanting to learn how to do tarot readings. I have a deck @home…

  5. 19 March 2011

    I actually have two decks. First one I bought with more serious mind (when I was 12 or 13) and second one (Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot) I bought for its aesthetics values (couple years ago). I have to say though that all the belief I have had before I have lost. :P


    And that bowl looks really pretty :D

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