A few months ago I found out about this new blogging platform Dreamwidth and was intrigued to investigate it.
100 years ago I had a LiveJournal account, but that was when I first started exploring this new Internet thing and as the n00b I was I never really managed to figure out how to use it or modify it to my liking. I started learning HTML and began building my own websites instead. :P
Dreamwidth is by invite only, but I managed to get hold of one and made an account – and to my own surprise I’ve actually been using it too!

I like having a free and simple place to post, a place that is as private as I want it to be and where I’m free to post just about anything without a care in the world.
Now, of course I could make password protected posts here, but I don’t want to. I don’t like seeing password posts on blogs and I don’t want my visitors to be slapped in the face with them either. I could also make protected posts at my Swedish blog, but since many friends and co-workers and such are lurking around there they would only start pestering me with questions.
Also, since I don’t want to scare my visitors away any more than necessary I don’t want to write just anything here. A DW is perfect for those random boring stuff that nobody cares about but me. Like those silly memes I love doing, random photos and videos, memories and dreams etc. Sometimes you just want to write things down, you know? Just for me, not for anybody else’s amusement. It’s like my online sanctuary, I just discovered how nice it is to have one. :)

My old LJ is still around, I remember my old username and password so I could use it, but I think I won’t. I’m very happy with my DW account.

Why Dreamwidth and not LJ?

  1. No ads. This is a huge plus for me. Most free blogging services comes with an enormous set of ads, including LJ. DW on the other hand doesn’t have any ads anywhere. Me like!
  2. It’s new and fresh. On LJ there are millions of old dead accounts and communities dating back to when the site first opened *coughminecough*.
  3. Every single time I’ve found out that someone has stolen my graphics/pixels/etc it has been some kid on LJ, so for me LJ = a bunch of clueless brats. Of course nothing says that DW won’t house thieves too, and there are lots of nice people on LJ, but I’m still a little put off I’m afraid.
  4. I think it’s pretty, much more so than LJ. Just the fact that it’s red and pink did it for me *lol*

Is anyone else using it?

I’m Gabonica over there, feel free to add me if you know me from somewhere around the net. And I have 2 invite codes if anyone want them :)