This past Christmas Markus gifted me with a brand new Wacom tablet. I haven’t had one for years and now I’m trying to re-learn how to do digital drawings.
It’s fun, and a bit tricky. My hand knows what to do, as does my eyes, but looking up at the screen instead of down on a piece of paper somehow makes it weird. Like the eye-hand coordination gets muddled up.

Anyway, recently I made something decent enough to show people:

Imaginary Karin - green-eyed elf digital drawing

Hey, look! A green-eyed monster! :D

Used mostly watercolour brushes since I like the textured look. Don’t ask me what happened with the background, I just splashed some colours around and hoped for the best.

Imaginary Karin - green-eyed elf sketch

I started out with a regular pencil sketch on regular paper since I’m not confident enough to make lineart directly on the computer.

What’s funny is how I always start out with a regular human being, get super bored half-way through, and then end up adding pointy ears just so I can muster enough interest to be able to finish. ^_^ Humans are boring, elves rock. Deal with it.

Since I already had the sketch done I, of course, had to bring out the coloured pencils and do a traditional version of her too:

Imaginary Karin - green-eyed elf traditional drawing

Imaginary Karin - green-eyed elf drawing

I think we can all agree which medium I’m more comfortable with. ;) Couldn’t be arsed to do a background though…

Drawing on the computer is a lot of fun so I’ll continue to practice with it, and the tablet is working perfectly. A lot of the time I’m using it instead of the mouse, it’s quite comfortable to hold a pen instead of a mouse. It was a very good gift. :)