I’ve been MIA from the dolling community (i.e. the making of pixel dolls, read here if you need an explanation) for quite some time now. I tend to do that so it’s nothing unusual. It’s just a bit awkward coming back to the forums again and be all “Hi, remember me? No? Ok then.. *crawls back into my dark corner to pout*“. ;) Ok, maybe not exactly like that *lol*

Anyway, now one of those absent periods seem to be over and I’m slowly wiggling my way back into dolling. Instead of working with other people’s bases I’ve been making some of my own – and actually managed to finish them! I feel all proud and happy! :D

Imaginary Karin - Magic me pixel

Needed a new DeviantArt ID and decided to sprinkle some magic over myself and Zaphod. That’s why the ground is that grey green colour, to go well with DA.

Imaginary Karin - Rose witch pixel Imaginary Karin - Blonde goth pixel

To the left is my new forum avatar for Glam!, a rose witch with a cyan hat. Very suitable. To the right is just an experiment doll (omg, I made a blonde!) to try out my new base.

I haven’t released any of those bases to the public yet though. I’m still playing around with them, making poses, adjusting stuff and such. But as soon as I feel that they are ready I’ll upload them here for others to use. :)