Dear Winter…

I have loved you for as long as I can remember, you know that. I love your snow and your cold and I tolerate your darkness without too much complaining. You turn my world into a frozen fairytale of glitter and silver and cotton and clean, crisp air and muffled sounds and for that I’ll always choose you over your buddy Summer. I defend you when people whine and complain, because in my eyes you are nothing but beautiful.

But now… we need to talk.

Thing is, it’s December, almost Christmas. Which means it’s winter, it’s your time to shine – or at least should be. This however is not you, this is NOT winter:

December 2013 - snowless

There is no snow, only ice. Crusty white ice and dirty grey ice and shiny transparent ice. Ice so slippery I can barely walk out the door without falling on my arse.
There’s no cold, only luke warm winds and rain. Rain! In the middle of December!?
Because of the lack of snow the darkness that used to be nothing but a mild inconvenience has grown into a claustrophobic feeling of despair as the winter solstice draws nearer. For the first time in my life I understand those suffering from seasonal depressions.

I honestly feel like we need to take a break. Not end our relationship for good just… take a break.

I can’t deal with you like this.

December 2013 - snowless

No but seriously, what’s up with the weather? It’s been warm and wet and icy since November! It’s impossible to go outside anymore because everything is dark and slippery and miserable.
I find it really hard to maintain holiday spirit like this. :(


  1. 18 December 2013

    I hate ice- I also hate lots of snow that’s been sitting there for weeks that starts to get dirty from salt and earth, etc. It looks so awful and I’m just not very graceful on ice.

  2. 18 December 2013

    I’m not a winter girl at all, but Christmas without snow is sad. It’s been raining all day here, boo :( *wishes for Scandinavian snow*

    • 29 December 2013

      Exactly, Christmas without snow is just… nothing. Do you think we could order some from Russia for New Year at least?

  3. 18 December 2013

    You know, I feel the same way. We had snow two weeks ago and I was positively ecstatic, hoping that my relationship with Winter was finally coming around that he’d give me a white Christmas, but right now it seems that Winter’s allowing everything to go down the drain over here as well…

    It’s well above zero, whatever snow was left in the pasture is now completely melted and all that is left of the white wonder is just a thing, slippery layer of ice in the shadows. I am just severely disappointed with that and hope that Winter will make it up to the both of us before Christmas comes around.

  4. 20 December 2013

    I thought you would have lots of snow by now, we have been getting the intense heat for this time of year. That is such a shame that all you have is the dangerous ice. I hope that it will look pretty and white before Christmas!

  5. 21 December 2013

    I’m really sorry for taking all your snow this year. It seriously has snowed at least one day every week since the beginning of November. It’s kinda crazy. The weather has been mostly cold (-20C on average) with some warmer days thrown in (+3C). I’m kind of hoping I will be able to trade it in for your weather when January hits. I only really want snow to be around for November and December and then I’m ready for summer to come back haha.

  6. 26 December 2013

    I have to admit – I much prefer snow to ice. So…I guess that it’s a relatively good thing that there hasn’t been much ice, just snow and rain. I hope that Winter brings you snow soon, and that it’s everything that you’ve been hoping. :D Personally, I would be extremely glad to box up any additional snow that I may receive and send it to you…although I’m afraid the shipping cost might be a bit out of my budget. :P

    • 29 December 2013

      Haha, if you send the snow I’d be happy to pay for shipping! ;)

      Reminds me of an ad I saw in the paper a few years ago. It said “Give-away: free snow. No shipping, can be picked up at (address).” and with it a picture of a snowy driveway. XD

  7. 27 December 2013

    Eww, I hate ice and slush. If it’s going to snow, it should just snow! I hope the weather makes up its mind for you soon.

  8. 29 December 2013

    I’d give anything for weather like that right now! Australian summers are just not my thing.

  9. 29 December 2013

    I empathize with your frustration. Dirty slushes are the worst…okay, second worst, compared to icy sidewalks. Even though I’m a Texan, I love the white, wintry scene that is comparable to the Scandinavian snow. You’d think that being only a few days past winter solstice would set the stage for our beloved winter. I blame climate change, aka the dreaded global warming.

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