About a month ago my laptop died. Well, not entirely – just the graphic card. Unfortunately the warranty expired years ago and screwing around with a laptop is what I imagine brain surgery to be like. Just opening it required the unscrewing of approx. 10 million miniature screws and when we finally got under the hood we took one look and gave up. I doubt I could even find the graphic card in that mess…
Right now I’m using Markus computer and my iPad, a combo that works surprisingly well! Especially now that I got old Ms Paint to work in Windows 7 (my laptop had Vista) :rock:

The new “fancy” Ms Paint they put in Windows 7 looks great, with a modern interface and lots of new features that might come in handy if you want a photo editing program – but for pixel artists it’s pretty much ruined. When pixeling it’s essential to have complete control over each pixel, which made old Ms Paint perfect for the job. I don’t want a line tool that turns the line into some blurry semi-vector shit and I sure as hell don’t want a paint bucket that does anti-aliasing :x If you could somehow turn it off I wouldn’t complain, but apparently you can’t (if you find a way do tell me!).

For weeks I’ve tried to get used to the new version or work around it. I also tried pixeling in Photoshop, Paint.NET and some other more or less obscure programs. Nothing beats Ms Paint. It has that extreme simplicity that you can’t find in any other program, and that what makes it the best.
Or maybe I’m just to damn old and set in my ways :P But really, when you’ve used something for over 8 years it’s kinda hard to have it taken away and start over with something new.

And then… salvation! *insert choir of singing angels*

Just go here and follow instructions:
How to get old Ms Paint working in Windows 7

Note: You MIGHT have to copy the files to the en-US directory too EVEN if you have Windows installed in a language other than English. I have Windows installed in Swedish and only copying them to the Swedish language folder didn’t work. Just FYI.

The page explains it very well and have the old version files for downloading if you don’t have a copy of Vista or XP to take them from. It requires a bit of fiddling around before you’re all done, but the result is well worth it :D
I was so happy when I found this, for a while there I seriously thought I would have to give up pixeling. I just hope I’ll find time to actually sit down and pixel now…

Anyway, my laptop has gone to computer heaven and I honestly don’t know if I’ll bother getting a new one. I have the iPad, Markus computer, my (big and fancy) work computer, and now that I’ve figured out the pixeling business I think I’m set :)