Ok, for those who hasn’t heard: I’m back. I survived the festival :) It was awesome and probably the most fun I’ll have this year, and I will post about it later. I just need to go through all the photos and such.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you what I did this week! Wednesday and Thursday I attended Creative Summit for the first time. One word to sum it up: nerdgasm!

Imaginary Karin - Creative Summit 2011

It’s an annual seminar about creativity in the media industry with about 250 guests from all over the world and some truly amazing speakers.
The theme for this year was Digital Goes Physical and many of the speakers talked about how to make the digital world step out of the computer screen and into your actual world.
We were shown some pretty mind-blowing things that are happening with technology today and what (even more mind-blowing) things might happen in the future. We were shown some amazing projects, like the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby and my favourite: the interactive music video that one of our local bureaus helped put together.

The most memorable presentation though was given by Lorne Peterson – an Oscar winning visual effects artist who among other things worked on the six Star Wars films. He showed behind-the-scenes photos from different movies and explained how certain scenes were made and how models were built. (Apparently the best way to make mountains is to use coal, tin foil and baking powder. Go figure.) We’re talking MAJOR nerdgasm!

Imaginary Karin - Creative Summit 2011

Trash cans at the seminar. I think they speak for themselves ;)

I can’t really recap all that was said and done during these two days since it was just SO MUCH information and inspiration. But it was two days well spent! Wednesday evening there was a huge dinner party for all the guests and speakers and I got to hang out with some old friends from uni who I hadn’t seen in a while.
I just can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera! I had to steal the photos above from Creative Summit’s Twitter just to have something…