Christmas is colourful at my house

It’s December, folks! Again. Is it just me or does every year seem shorter than the one before?

Talked to dad about it and he said “Oh, time will fly faster the older you get. Wait ’til you’re my age, for me the years are nothing but Christmases and Midsummers. Almost pointless taking down the Christmas tree after New Year since it’ll be up again in mere moments.
Said in a very cheery voice too, as if it was a good thing… <_< I definitely don't want time to go faster, in fact I'd appreciate it if it would slow down a bit.Anyway, December. I put up decorations around the house this weekend. :) There are red curtains (with white polka dots, so cute!) up in the kitchen window and I've hung some electric lights outside. The Alarmingly Pink Tree isn’t coming up for another couple of days though. After some redecorating done in the past months I’m not entirely sure where to put it – but it WILL be up. Now that I have it I don’t want to do Christmas without it.

I’ve even bought matching pink advent lights:

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2013

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2013

I’ve also bought a black advent star with glittering skulls:

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2013

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2013

Well… at least nobody can accuse us of being boring. :P
Now I just want a wreath for the front door. What do you think the odds are for finding a pink Christmas wreath? Or one with skulls on it? Haha!

Have you put up any decorations yet?


  1. 4 December 2013

    Ugh, I agree completely. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, it kind of terrifies me!
    Your house looks gorgeous. I’ve recently moved back home with my mum while my boyfriend and I save to buy our first home, can’t wait to have my own space to decorate for Christmas again!

  2. 4 December 2013

    For me, time too really seems to have flown by. It’s almost been exactly a year since Wil came over to The Netherlands for the very first time and it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

    Your decorations looks super pretty, and I can only imagine what fun you’ll have putting up the pink Christmas tree. I took a peek at your post from last year and all I can say is that it looks SO cool!

  3. 4 December 2013

    I agree with you that time is going so fast. It probably is because we are older.

    I really adore the decorations you have put up. Maybe you will be lucky and find a pink wreath, or maybe you can make one yourself? :D

  4. 4 December 2013

    I think our age is beginning to creep up on us, Karin, because I feel that that time keeps slipping by faster every year as well. It’s especially disappointing during the holidays that they go buy in such a blur.

    I have all of my decorations up already but I don’t think I’m going to put up a tree this year. Ours is in poor condition and we really can’t afford to get a new one, blugh.

    … that sure is one alarmingly pink Christmas tree, indeed. o.O

  5. 4 December 2013

    Oh, awesome! I love those advent stars, they actually have them hanging in shop windows in the next town over from where my boyfriend and I live but they have them year-round. :D Yours is beautiful, though, I love the glittery looking skulls. Your window candles are beautiful, too. You have simple decorations like we have at our apartment, and that’s totally fine.

    Don’t have to go too crazy, you know? :)

    I definitely agree with you, 2012 seemed too short for comfort, and this year flew by just as quickly. 2011 didn’t seem to soar by though, I don’t know why.

  6. 8 December 2013

    Time does seem to go by faster! I lose track of time easier without school I guess. Certain months don’t mean as much to me anymore.

    haha, I love that you have a pink Christmas tree and a star with skulls on it. You have really cool decorations! We typically spend December at our families’ places, so we don’t bother decorating our own house :)

  7. 9 December 2013

    This year has flooooooown by for me too but I for one am glad it has! 2013 was not a great year. Bring on 2014 please :P

  8. 10 December 2013

    In all honesty, I felt that it was opposite for me. Maybe it’s because of deadlines and anxieties that came from them that made me wish that time would pass up more quickly, only to feel that my wish was not granted. In general, I feel that time has been passing by more quickly in the recent years than they have when I was younger. And then there was when I was a little kid, during which I remembered virtually nothing. Relativity of time is a fascinating concept. :)

    Your decorations are very nice. The snow in the background add some neat finishing touches. I always wish we had snow here in Texas, but I’m waaay too far from the arctic circle to enjoy that. As for the actual decorations, there isn’t any. I like to keep things simple [almost minimalistic!].

  9. 14 December 2013

    Såg en chockrosa julgran för några dagar sedan och tänkte direkt på dig och din gran. Än så länge är du den enda jag på något vis känner som faktiskt äger en chockrosa gran. :D

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