Christmas and New Year

So I’m back to a normal life again. Did everyone else come out on the other side of the holidays in one piece? Had good food? Nice relatives?

For Christmas we drove north to visit my parents, it was all very calm and quiet as it was just me and Markus and my parents and the pets. It was cold as fuck (-32°C) up there so we couldn’t go out much. Zaphod spent the whole time supervising the kitchen to make sure he wouldn’t miss any food my mother might throw him. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her he’s not supposed to eat half a kilo of meatballs instead of his own food, but she doesn’t care.

Look at him, he looks so sad! And he’s all skin and bones!” 🙄 Oh well…

Can I have some of that?

Even the dog gets a present

Zaphod loves opening packages so we put a bone in a box (gift-wrapped of course) and let him open it. Unfortunately, I ran out of memory on the camera (*grr*) before he got it opened so the clip doesn’t show him actually getting the bone. He seemed to like it though.
Oh, and the voice talking is coming from the TV. It’s not me yammering.

After Christmas, we headed south to see Markus parents. For New Year’s Eve, we just sat in their house watching TV and playing games. We bought a shitload of candy and ordered pizza and at midnight we toasted in Coca-cola. We’re not big party people so it actually felt good to do absolutely nothing fancy or special. :) What did you guys do?

And we went to see The Hobbit!! :D I will post a separate blog post about it in a few days, but long story short I loved it. Loved it I tell you!


  1. 10 January 2013

    Your dog is so cute! I saw the photos on Flickr and though “haven’t been to your blog in a while”.
    I spent Christmas with my family and New Years with friends. We ate Mexican and played games and went to the river at midnight.
    It was sooo warm the last few weeks here in Munich, not normal (not nice). But oh well. No snow either. It might snow this weekend though… let’s see.
    Happy New Year!

  2. 10 January 2013

    I l-o-v-e how alike you and Markus are, with how Jen and I are! For Christmas Eve, we had our special cheese and chocolate fondue (not together – ew) with Jen’s parents and opened our Christmas Eve gifts, than on Christmas morning we had breakfast with them, opened gifts and Jen and I played with our new stuff until dinner. We also played lots of Star Wars: The Old Republic. (SO GOOD!!! :love: ) For New Years Eve, we had tacos and a sundae bar, Jen and I played games and relaxed, kissed at midnight and played with the pets, just enjoying a relaxing special night, talking about our goals and oh, drinking. ;)

  3. 11 January 2013

    That dog looks so interested in everything, it’s super cute!

    I came out of the holidays with an insane gut from all the partying I did, so it’s not hard to see why I envy your tranquil times. Also the meatballs. I want meatballs. Mmm.

  4. 13 January 2013

    Your dog is beautiful! I am glad you had a nice Christmas! I went to visit my husband’s family for Christmas.

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