Christmas 2011

Hey, I survived the weekend! Hope you all did too :D
I had a nice and calm Christmas at Markus parents. It was just me and Markus, his sister and parents. And the dog. The cat stayed with a friend for the weekend and the snake was home alone.

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

The tree + presents. On the wall is a photo of Markus as a kid :)

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

We had a traditional dinner consisting of gravlax (raw spiced salmon a.k.a. most delicious food in the history of foods), various types of pickled herring, beetroot salad, patés, christmas ham, meatballs, sausages and Janssons Frestelse (big glass tray) which is sort of a casserole made with potatoes and anchovies. If you’re living here it helps if you like fish, which I do.

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011
Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

I must have been unusually good this year since I got some pretty amazing gifts :D
Markus gave me a Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart AND the Harry Potter movie box! Markus parents gave me a sewing machine, which is something I’ve wanted for some time now. My life will be so much easier from now on! Markus sister gave me a deck of Tarot cards. I got a book about Tarot for my birthday this year and I’ve been meaning to buy a deck, but now I have one – and it’s beautiful ^_^

Imaginary Karin - Christmas in Örnsköldsvik 2011

Just have to show you one of the presents I gave Markus! It’s a Star Wars bath robe made to look like the Emperors robe, with the emblem of the Galactic Empire on the chest XD The store had a Jedi version too, but Markus thinks the dark side is cooler so… evil black it is.

On Christmas Day (Sweden celebrates on the 24th) we went to the movies to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It was… weird, but I’ll post about that later. Sunday we went bowling with some of Markus relatives, which was lots of fun. All in all it was a good weekend, I’m more than pleased :)


  1. 30 December 2011

    It is better to receive the Tarot Decks as gifts if you are going to use it. If you are just using it as decoration then you can buy them. ;) Love your gifts.

  2. 31 December 2011

    Wow, du fick riktigt fina julklappar ju! :)
    Gott nytt år! :D

  3. 31 December 2011

    Your first, second, third and fourth picture gets me so envious! A Wii would make my day while all those food… (drools)

    Glad you had a brilliant Christmas. Enjoy your New Year! :D

  4. 31 December 2011

    You got a good haul this year :) I’ve wanted my own sewing machine for awhile too! Still haven’t gotten around to getting one though hehe. That’s pretty awesome that you celebrate it on the 24th though! I love reading about other people’s traditions and customs ^_^

  5. 1 January 2012

    Looks like a great time! That robe is the coolest thing ever! I want one! You got some nice presents, too! :)

  6. 2 January 2012

    I am so jealous of that robe! ^_^ And the Tarot Cards! :heart:

  7. 3 January 2012

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! The food looks delicious and you got some pretty amazing presents! I’m jealous of the Wii and Mario Kart, and I’ve always wanted a Tarot deck. That one looks gorgeous, I love the artwork on it. Markus’ Emporer bathrobe is all kinds of awesome too. :P

  8. 4 January 2012

    Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! Those gifts do sound great :) And I love bowling!

    I was told once that Tarot cards supposedly work better when they’re given to you as a gift. I was told this, I didn’t read it, so I don’t know where she heard it… but if she was right, then it’s lucky you got them as a gift instead of picking them up yourself :)

  9. 7 January 2012

    What beautiful Christmas decorations! You sure did get a lot of great loot!! I love the Harry Potter movie collection. I received all the movies on blu-ray :D Now you can make your own clothes with your new sewing machine!! The only thing is picking between all the different fabrics.
    HAHA! I love the housecoat your got for Markus!!! Peter and I just finished watching the whole Star Wars saga so I am in the “zone” right now. I have to say that I like the jedi better than the dark side. Sorry LOL :blush:

  10. 8 January 2012

    Looking at the photo of your tree, I must say you have excellent taste in decorating, it looks so classic and picturesque. And of course, lots of awesome presents — I have that same Tarot deck! The colours are absolutely gorgeous :)

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