I got my hands on a charcoal pencil a while ago and have been experimenting with it. Unlike graphite the sketches actually comes out black, which I love, and the softness makes it easy to smudge to create shades. So far I really like it!
Here are two sketches I find good enough to share:

Imaginary Karin - Keira Knightley drawing

Keira Knightley. One of my girl crushes. :heart:

Imaginary Karin - Michael Fassbender drawing

Michael Fassbender. Because he has such an expressive face.

I don’t normally draw celebrities so this was a little weird. But I guess if you’re going to experiment you might as well do it all the way – both medium and motif :P

In other news: IT’S SNOWING! For real this time! Thick fluffy flakes of beauty!