Cat or not?

Zappo and my friends cat Zingo

For years me and Markus have been talking about getting a cat. We both grew up with cats and would love to have one again. You know what they say, a home without a cat is just a house ;)
It would be good company for Zaphod too. We had a cat for the first 2 years of his life and he seem to like having another four-legged creature to share the couch with.

We’ve also discussed becoming a foster home to help out the local animal protection association. They are always looking for temporary homes for cats and it would be nice to help out. But it would probably be difficult to have a cat for a little while, get attached to it, and then have to give it to someone else :( It is definitely an alternative though, and we’re thinking about it.
And if we do decide to get a cat we’ve already agreed to adopt one from the animal protection association anyway.

But we still haven’t made a final decision… There are two points to consider first:

  1. Who takes care of the cat when/if we go out of town? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does we are going to need a cat sitter.
  2. What about our allergic friends? I’ve been told cats are often worse than dogs.



  1. 4 April 2011

    Oh! I hope you two do get a kitty. :yay: Jen and I can’t imagine our lives without our little fuzz balls. Also Zaphod is freakin’ adorable!!!

  2. 4 April 2011

    Cute cute photo! I wouldn’t/couldn’t get a dog or cat because I live in an apartment on the first floor, I’m not home during the day and the pet would just be inside all day. And yeah, you have to have someone to take care of the pet. Who is taking care of your dog when you go away or does he come with you guys? I’m more a dog person but I found a cat once in the mountains, took it home ( a young one) and while I was on the computer it always came and crawled up my legs and wanted to get petted… soo cute :)

    • 17 April 2011

      Zaphod always come with us :) And if he can’t he stays with Markus’ parents. It’s easier traveling with a dog, you can control it in a different way. And you don’t need to take a litter box with you.

  3. 4 April 2011

    My parents have always had cats around us when we were growing up. However, after I moved out of my parent’s house, I found out that I have an allergic reaction to them. :( I still love cats, and I still love going home to see the cat we still have.

    Good luck on making your decision. Cats are always a good thing to have around. I have so many stories from one of our cats that we used to have. So many funny memories they can create.

  4. 4 April 2011

    I would always vote cat, but I’m biased. I love my two, and couldn’t imagine my life without them. I think fostering sounds like a nice idea, but it’s so easy to get attached to an animal, and then you have to give them away. :( I would be sad. Adopting seems like a nice compromise, you’re still helping out but you get to keep it.

  5. 5 April 2011

    I would love the idea of fostering, but one of my kitties would NOT like having new animals coming around. I hope you decide to get one though! Cats are the greatest.

  6. 5 April 2011

    Sv: Hahaha ja RuPaul’s Drag Race är så sjukt B att det blir galet roligt. Jag har redan sett klart säsong ett. ^^

  7. 11 April 2011

    I had to look twice at the picture, I assumed it was a soft toy deer or something that the cat was holding on to! It’s really kind of you to consider taking care of cats temporarily :) It doesn’t happen here in my country though, we don’t get opportunities to offer our home as a temporary shelter. If I ever have a chance, I’d seriously consider adopting dogs :D

    I agree with you totally though, it is tough to say goodbye to the cats once you get emotionally attached to them.

    • 17 April 2011

      Haha, he does look like a deer. You’re not the first one to say that :D

  8. 13 April 2011

    Having had cats all my life, I have a hard time fathoming the idea that some people don’t have them. They can be quite awesome little things, but, personally, I would recommend an adult cat, or at least an older kitten. Young kittens are… well, they’re absolutely insane.

    Fostering cats is a fantastic thing. I’ve done it twice, and will again in the future. It *can* be difficult to care for a cat and then give it away, but there are so many warm fuzzies that come along with it (helping out a local shelter/foster home/etc, knowing that you’ve made a bit of difference in the cat’s life, etc), and, in most cases, those adopting the cat have been screened and “checked out,” so I always know they’re going to a good “forever” home.

    Allergic friends can be a problem, though. I’ve been allergic to cat dander most of my life, but it’s never hindered my cat ownership: I just started taking allergy meds and kept on cat-ownin’. The “you can get used to a cat’s dander over time” myth is not a myth. Your allergic friends might need to deal with it. ;)

  9. 17 April 2011

    I love cats! I’m so glad I adopted mine! I agree on the foster home dilemma. I would definitely get attached to the cats and then be SO upset when they found new homes. But, it would be a good trial to see how it works out with your dog and the allergies problem.

    On the traveling issue, I have left my cat at home by itself for a week before (family member passed away and had to leave town ASAP). I just made sure he had plenty of food, water, and litter. He definitely doesn’t like it when I’m gone for very long, but he has done fine all the times he has been left. I also make sure there is nothing out that he can destroy since he does tend to get “revenge” for being left.

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