Can we talk about Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter fandom has really jumped back into action lately, hasn’t it? It’s not like it was ever really dead, but with the new play, book, AND movie coming out the whole Harry Potter universe has gotten a bit of a revival.

The Internet is brimming with all things Harry Potter, and as a long-time Potterhead I’m loving every second of it! :D
Who else is getting really excited about all the buzz going on?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

You know, I like that they decided to make a play rather than “just” a book or movie. The Potterverse now nicely covers pretty much all forms of entertainment. Also, a theatre play sounds classy, doesn’t it?

From what I’ve seen on the website, my general opinion is that everything looks great. The cast seems spot on, Paul Thornley especially looks exactly how I would imagine a grown-up Ron to look like!

Damn, I wish I could go to London to see the play… I will get the book version as soon as possible, though! Are any of you going to see the play live?


Have you read the new writing by J.K. Rowling? I would’ve expected a North American school of witchcraft and wizardry to be much more based on Native American magic/mythology/culture etc. That was a bit disappointing, but the story was still fun to read.

When the old Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin I had a bit of an identity crisis. Last year I had to retake the test when the new Pottermore came out, and this time I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Guess that’s the final verdict. To be honest, Slytherin has grown on me and I feel like I’m still at least part Slytherin now. A Slytherclaw if you will.

Ilvermorny has four houses, just like at Hogwarts, and there’s even a sorting test on Pottermore. When I took the test I was sorted into Thunderbird.

I don’t feel a very strong connection to Ilvermorny as it has been basically unknown to us until now. I also can’t say I have any opinions about my house. From the description, it does sound like Thunderbird would suit me very well, so I’m not opposed to the result. As a side note, I obviously must have a thing for birds in the HP universe… :P

Being Scandinavian, if I were to attend a magical school I would probably have ended up at Durmstrang. It has been named the “North European” school, and even though the location is hidden it is most likely somewhere in Scandinavia, the Baltic states, or north-west Russia. Any of those locations would be closer to me than Hogwarts or Beauxbatons, so it would make the most sense to go there.

Since Durmstrang has been portrayed negatively for the most part I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This is one of the most anticipated movies of the year for me! The trailer is making me wish it was November already, I can’t wait to watch it! It looks to be made in the same style as the Harry Potter movies, which were absolutely beautiful, so my expectations are high.

Have you seen the new trailer released yesterday? I’m so excited! :D

Bonus: Severus Snape and the Marauders

In case you haven’t heard of this before; I just want to share this cool short film made by a group of fans. It revolves around an encounter between, well, Snape and the Marauders. The film is set in 1978, just as they have all graduated from Hogwarts.

SSATM started as a project on Kickstarter and was finished in March this year. You can watch it for free on Youtube, and if you haven’t yet I think you should. I found the film really well made, with decent effects and nice actors.


  1. 26 July 2016

    Oh we can ALWAYS talk about Harry Potter! LOL I wish I could go and see the new play, I think it would be pretty amazing. And also very excited for the movie. I sure hope I can see it before new baby comes because I have no idea when I can do it after!! I will also have to look at the short you suggested. I had never heard of it. I am always going to be a fan of Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical which can be found on YouTube as well!

    • 4 August 2016

      I haven’t seen A Very Potter Musical yet! I remember reading a lot about it and then forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me! :D

  2. 27 July 2016

    I’m back into Harry Potter thanks to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I cannot wait for the movie to come out. It looks amazing! I cannot decide how I feel about the new play into book form. I don’t know.

    • 7 August 2016

      I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ve heard it’s a lot better than what it sounds like. Like, it’s not just a manuscript but actually a lot more lika a regular book than one might expect. I’m gonna try to get myself a copy and see for myself :)

  3. 28 July 2016

    I used to be so into Harry Potter and for some reason stopped. Reading your entry has given me that Harry Potter spark again. I love the books, and I’ve seen some of the movies. A new movie?! OK, now I am hooked again! :D

    • 4 August 2016

      Well, it’s been a while since anything of real significance happened in the Potterverse, so slipping out of it is only normal. I too have sorta forgotten about HP sometimes over the years :)
      Doesn’t the new movie look great?! :D

      • 7 August 2016

        It really does! I’m getting pretty excited about it. :) I can’t wait to see it.

  4. 30 July 2016

    OMG YES. I am so excited to read the play and see the movie. While I have never been a fan of the character of Harry Potter, I have always loved the whole universe that was created and so many of the characters. So I am really excited to meet many new ones and see where it leads. :D

    Slytherin for ever. ;D

    • 7 August 2016

      There are so many really amazing characters in the Harry Potter world! On my list of favourite HP characters, Harry Potter himself is pretty far down the list tbh. Newt Scamander seems really interesting though, I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

      Haha, as a Slytherclaw I partly agree ;)

  5. I’ve been dying to watch that fan film as I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I’ve yet to make the time! And for some reason, I didn’t preorder a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so I’ll need to get my hands on a copy at some point!

    • 7 August 2016

      I didn’t preorder Harry Potter and the Cursed Child either… and they seem to be selling really fast. Most stores around me have sold out their copies.

  6. 2 August 2016

    I am not a huge fan of Harry Potter but I did do the Harry Potter tour in London. It was fantastic! So yeah… unfortunately, I am not really following the hype. But I’m a Ravenclaw too! :)

    • 7 August 2016

      The HP tour does seem pretty cool. Next time I’m in London I’ll probably try to get there :)

  7. 2 August 2016

    I’m so glad Harry Potter is everywhere right now! It’s wonderful, but I have to admit that I also miss the nostalgia of growing up with the books. With all the new stuff coming out, it kind of feels like seeing childhood friends again but trying to get used to them as adults. It’s good but different.

    I’m a Slytherclaw! I definitely consider myself a mix of those two houses. On Pottermore, I’m a Ravenclaw and a Wampus.

    I had never heard of Severus Snape and the Marauders, but I’ll definitely be checking it out!

    • 7 August 2016

      I know what you mean, it’s a bit weird. Still nice though, I love seeing Harry Potter everywhere! Looking forward to seeing fun new merchandise coming out too.

      Also: yay for Slytherclaw!!

  8. 19 August 2016

    Unfortunately missed out on both the first and second lot of tickets for the play, they’re selling very very fast when they go up on sale. I’m looking forward to seeing it eventually but don’t want to read the book before I’ve seen the play but really, really want to know the story! So torn lol.

    I’ll definitely be seeing Fantastic Beasts and where to find them when it’s released later on this year though.

    I’m not sure why but I haven’t sorted myself on Pottermore yet! … In case I don’t like the house they chose for me. Unofficial tests online tend to put me in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor!

    I’ve been to the Warner Bros studio tour in London twice, it’s definitely worth a visit. :-)

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