Whatever it was that Markus got I got it too :sick: I spent pretty much all of last week curled up on the couch under a mountain of cough drops, nose drops and kleenex. I’m still not 100% well, but at least I don’t have a fever any more. Yay for that I guess *sneezes*

But I’m glad it hit me last week and not now because tomorrow I’m going to Stockholm! :rock:

A project I’ve been involved with is nominated for an award so me and my boss are going down there to attend the event. Apparently it’s a whole day of seminars and exhibitions and in the evening there will be dinner and drinks for everyone. I’m really excited! I don’t really expect us to win since the competition is stiff to say the least, but it’s cool enough to be nominated and in the final round :D Guess I’ve done something right, hehe.

I just hope my sinuses doesn’t hurt too much on the plane, I’ve heard it can be a pain to fly when you have a cold. I have some extra strong nose drops to use right before take-off though so I hope that helps.

Anyway, it’s 8 o’clock here right now and I’m gonna go pack some stuff and charge the camera battery… wish me luck tomorrow! :D

EDIT Oct 19
I’m back now and while we didn’t win our category (like I expected) we did get a honorary award! After the regular prizes had been given out we thought it was all finished but then the moderator remained on stage and said that they wanted to give a special price to a special project that the judges had found to good to let it pass by unnoticed :yay: Gotta go home now and get some sleep. But YAY!

Here are some photos from the event :)