Blue hair highlights

Imaginary Karin - blue hair

Imaginary Karin - blue hair

blue hair 3

Looks like a Smurf threw up on me… ;)

I’ve been dying my hair red for almost 2 years now, and I finally got tired of it. It’s a nice colour, and I think it suits me, but I wanted something new. My hairdresser suggested blue (she’s cool like that) and I was like YES PLEASE!

She couldn’t get all the red off in one sitting, so only the tips are blue for now, with some purple over the “reddest” parts. But it’s a beginning. In another couple of weeks I’ll go back and we’ll see how much more blue we can squeeze in. ^_^ :thumbs:

How about you guys? Have you tried any unusual hair colours, or do you prefer a more natural look?


  1. 12 May 2015

    I dyed the tips of my hair last year blue-purple :D I wished mine were more like yours, though, but oh well! I think it looks great on you. I haven’t dyed my hair since . . . I’ve been growing my own natural hair out.

    Do post about your next visit. Would love to see it become more blue!

  2. 12 May 2015

    Awwww, it looks so awesome. :D Hopefully you can get more blue into it.

    I am actually dying my hair pink again, right now. Just waiting for it to do it’s thing and then rinse out. The hardest part is bleaching it light enough. I am hoping it will work.. >.<

  3. 12 May 2015

    Ooh very lovely and fun. Suits you well.

    I love my natural colour but I’ve done red, brown (definitely not me), black, green, blue and purple hair. Atm I have rather faded green bangs but I’m planning to dye whole head in couple different shades of green once my hair has grown bit longer. :D

  4. 12 May 2015

    No, unfortunately I have just had red & brown (natural) hair color. I think my father would flip out on me if I did it an unnatural color. Though I have been tempted to dye my ends hot pink with my red hair, lol. I do have purple undertones in my red hair but that is as far as I go. I love seeing everyone’s fun loving hair colors though, lol.

  5. 12 May 2015

    LOVE the hair! Are you thinking of going blue all over? I’ve had purple hair and pink hair! :)

    • Karin
      7 June 2015

      Thank you! Nah, I don’t think I’ll go 100% blue. My hair is very straight and flat so having multiple colours/highlights makes it look more interesting than just having one colour all over.

  6. 13 May 2015

    That is such a pretty color!

    My hair used to be purple, but I haven’t bothered with it in a while. I miss it.

  7. 14 May 2015

    I love your hair! Mine right now is bright red which is the craziest color I’ve done (though still pretty normal-looking, I think!). I want to try a deep blue next.

  8. 14 May 2015

    I like that blue color! I think it looks good :) Can’t wait to see if you can get more blue in there. I’ve only done brown and a really dark red, which just looked black in dark lighting but red in the sun. I’ve never done blue!

  9. 18 May 2015

    Very beautiful <3 I love the blue highlights!

  10. 23 May 2015

    STUNNING. :O I have pink hair right now, and may stay pink for a while. I’ve had blue, will try teal, love black, excited to try bright bright red.

  11. 26 May 2015

    I really love he blue you chose – it makes me think of mermaids and whimsy :)

  12. 5 June 2015

    I love the blue tips! The only non “natural” colour I’ve had my hair is a shade of purple, I had been thinking purple tips but I’m not sure work would allow it haha. I’ve been red, black, blonde, “striped” (red and blonde stripes against my natural hair colour) and “dip dyed” blonde.

    It’s currently my natural colour, but I’m thinking of going red again.

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