Swedish is my first language, so naturally that’s the language where I have the biggest vocabulary, know the most slang, and just generally feel most comfortable expressing myself with.
Now, I think my English is pretty good (at least you guys seem to understand what I’m saying most of the time :P ) but I still have to stop sometimes to figure out how to spell something or how to word a sentence. For example, I still haven’t really figured out the difference between “has” or “have” and which one to use during which circumstances. Sometimes writing a post can take forever because I get stuck in some grammatical problem and can’t proceed until it’s fixed.

Btw, you are very welcome to correct me if I write something wrong! Seriously. :)

So why am I blogging in English?

I actually had a Swedish blog for a couple of years. It was nice and fun and all, but I felt pretty off in the Swedish blogosphere. I don’t know how to describe it, but this was maybe 6 years ago and back then there weren’t as many blogs overall – and most of the Swedish ones were written by people I didn’t have much in common with. Meanwhile I was coming across English blogs driven by awesome Internet-savvy people who wrote interesting posts and had their own domains and layouts. It was just… more varied. And more interesting. When you choose English you open up the whole world!
The Qbee was a huge part of it too. If I hadn’t found it I don’t know if I would even still have a website.

By now, I can’t switch. Every now and then I toy with the idea of switching to Swedish, or simply start a second blog in my own language, but in all honesty I can’t be arsed to.

The downside, not that I even want to call it that, is that I don’t have many Swedish readers. Most people seem to think it’s “too much hassle” to read in English and whenever IRL friends find my blog (how those people even keep finding me is a mystery since I don’t advertise my blog anywhere and never tell anyone about it unless they specifically ask me) the first thing they say is that it would be easier for everyone if I wrote in Swedish.

Yeah… no. I might write an occasional post in Swedish (like Angelica does every now and then) but I’ll never switch full time. I like my current readers too much and I want to keep you! *Internet hug*

I know I have at least a few readers who doesn’t have English as a first language and I’d love to hear your opinions. Why do you blog in English? How did you make the decision?