Being Human (UK)

Being Human UK

I’d like to take a moment and talk about my new favourite show: Being Human. (The UK original, of course.)

For those not in the know, it’s a show about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire sharing a rented house in Bristol, England. Despite their “conditions” they try to fit into human society and want nothing more than to live as normal lives as possible. Of course, that’s not always easy. The show is not just drama, it’s actually more of a comedy, or at least the first season is.

The plot as a whole could be improved in a few places, and some of the effects are pretty lame – but it’s still a good show. Although the main reason to watch it is for the interactions between the three characters. I can’t remember the last time I saw such chemistry between actors on TV, and the dialogues are brilliant! What they’ve done is they’ve created a show with mediocre plot, ok effects, and amazing characters!

I never thought I would say this, being the huge fantasy nerd that I am, but I don’t think the whole supernatural stuff is even necessary.
To be perfectly honest I probably wouldn’t give two fucks about The Vampire Diaries if it didn’t have vampires, and I probably wouldn’t watch Supernatural if they were hunting ordinary criminals, but Being Human I would watch nonetheless.
Mitchell doesn’t have to be a vampire to be an interesting person, George would be hilarious and charming even if he wasn’t a werewolf and Annie… Annie is pure gold, I just love her. <3I've watched season 1 & 2 so far, and I like it a lot. :) Haven't bothered with the US version though, and probably never will. It doesn't look nearly as good.


  1. 27 March 2012

    I watched the first episode sometime time ago of the first season, and really liked it, especially the comedy aspect of it. And like you said the characters are amazing. For some reason I haven’t dared to watch rest of the eps, but I think I will now. :D

  2. 27 March 2012

    I also watched the first episode a while ago. I didn’t really enjoy it that much so I haven’t watched it since. I might give it another chance sometime. I do enjoy the characters. The story is just not doing anything for me.

    • 13 April 2012

      Yes, the story is pretty meh most of the time. But the characters more than make up for it imo.

  3. 27 March 2012

    Den här serien finns med i min lista över serier jag vill se men jag har aldrig tid med nya serier nuförtiden. Men någon gång ska jag ladda ner den här. Är också en sucker för fantasy och övernaturliga saker.

  4. 28 March 2012

    I love finding new shows that I want to watch. I have heard of BH before, but never really looked into it. I might have to see if it is on Netflix! Haha, the only reason I watch The Vampire Diaries is to gawk at Damon. He is so hott LOL.

    • 13 April 2012

      Hehe, Damon is what keeps me watching too ;) But I’m afraid Mitchell is my new favourite TV vampire. He’s all puppy eyes and messy hair and he’s IRISH! Damon can’t compete with that :P

  5. 31 March 2012

    It definitely sounds interesting… I’ll add it to my huge list of Must Watch TV Shows.

  6. 1 April 2012

    Ahh, I hope they will show it in Denmark soon! It sounds cool!

  7. 2 April 2012

    I’m a little bit obsessed with this show – seen all the seasons (and watching season 4 at the moment). I love it :)

    Have also had the pleasure of meeting all four of the main cast (Mitchell, George, Nina and Anni).

    • 13 April 2012

      8O No way! You met them at a convention I guess? I would love to meet them too. And go to conventions. Were they as nice in person as they seem on TV?

  8. 14 April 2012

    I nominate you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Check my website for details.

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