Right now it’s the most beautiful time of the year if you ask me. All the trees and bushes are dressed in the most intense flaming colours, from deep red to bright lemony yellow, and the air is crisp and clear without being to cold, so it’s nothing but pure joy to get out and see all of it! :)

It’s freezing during the nights now, the leaves and mild weather will be gone very soon, but today was lovely so I took a looong walk along the river with Zaphod, and I actually remembered to bring my camera!

(There are a few more photos on my flickr account.)

There are lots of old barns like this here, and I think they’re so pretty.

A waterfall under a bridge.

Another barn.

The path along the river. Zaphod’s camouflage colours work well this time of year.

I thought this was such a pretty little tree :) It looks like a rainbow.

The sign says “Welcome to Myckle”, isn’t it cute? I was kinda surprised to see it, Myckle is quite far away :crazy: Turned out I had been out for 2 whole hours!

How cool is that bike!? I understand why its owner has put it by the road like this :)

Zaphod taking a sip.

Did you say “heel”?