Hey look! A new layout :D
I’ve had that pixel tattoo up for so long I’m sick of it. I’ve used it for two layouts now so all in all it’s been up since March. The grin on the skull was getting on my nerves… seriously.

Time for a change, and I really wanted something hand painted and natural this time. I also wanted something to celebrate the autumn, my favourite time of the year.
So… I made this. An elf maiden, dressed in green and autumn leaves, accompanied by a raven.

Imaginary Karin - autumn elf

There is the original drawing. Made with coloured pencils on cheap printer paper.
I think this might actually be the first time I’ve ever drawn an elf. Really strange since I’m such a fantasy nerd… Guess I just never remember to put pointy ears on my humans *lol*
But better late than never I guess. And I have been reading a lot of Tolkien lately, that might explain it.