#aprilfae art challenge 2019

Since Inktober clearly isn’t stressful enough, I’ve participated in another art challenge!

I’ve also made a separate Instagram account for my art: @imaginary_karin_creates 🎨

Not that I ever draw anything outside of these challenges anymore… πŸ’€ Still, I feel weird posting random drawings on my regular account, so second account it is. Do follow if you’re interested!

The challenge

Aprilfae art challenge 2019 prompt list
#aprilfae 2019 prompts – by Liselotte Eriksson

The art challenge I found was the hashtag #aprilfae on Instagram. Like Inktober, it’s a month-long daily challenge, but for the month of April and with a fairy/fae theme.

All created and organized by the very talented Liselotte Eriksson. 😊

My tools

Sketchbook and pencils

I’m saving the notebook I’ve used for Inktober for, well, Inktober. For #aprilfae I decided to start another book. This one has whiter and harder paper, so ink doesn’t bleed as much and I can get more details in, but the paper is also thinner. You can see dark lines through the pages.

Overall I like this book better, even if the paper is thin it is easier to work with.

A few of the drawings

All drawings I’ve included below are made with graphite except the dryad at the bottom that is made with ink pen. You can see the complete challenge on my Instagram.

graphite drawing of a troll princess

Day 2 – Troll Maiden
Alternative title: The Crow Princess πŸ¦πŸ‘‘

graphite drawing of a mermaid

Day 3 – Below
This turned out to be my most popular drawing in terms of likes and comments. Guess people like mermaids. πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

graphite drawing of woman with leaves for hair

Day 9 – Green Woman
This is my personal favourite, I love the concept for an earth goddess or similar.

graphite drawing of a fairy holding a pearl necklace

Day 6 – Morally Suspect

graphite drawing of a troll with mushrooms

Day 7 – Red Cap

graphite drawing of woman with wolf headdress

Day 18 – Fetching Headpiece
Have you noticed I never draw just ONE necklace?

graphite drawing of an elf

Day 20 – A Prince
I didn’t intend do draw Legolas from Lord of the Rings but… it kinda turned into Legolas anyway.

graphite drawing of Moder from the movie The Ritual

Day 23 – What Is That..?
Tiny sketch of Moder from the movie The Ritual. Most horror movies are best in the beginning before the monster is actually revealed. Once you can fully see it and realise it’s just another lizard/insect/ghost thingy it is not as scary anymore. But The Ritual is different, it actually became BETTER once you see the monster. Moder is one of the best creature designs I’ve ever seen πŸ˜±πŸ–€

graphite drawing of deer boy

Day 11 – Eyes Black as Sloes
Funnily enough, another person had the exact same idea and posted a similar drawing that same day. Neither of us knew until we saw each others posts in the feed! πŸ˜„

graphite drawing of a dryad

Day 30 – Roots

In conclusion

I loved this challenge, the theme is fun and I like that it’s not a big global phenomenon. Inktober is overwhelming sometimes because there are so many participants, but with this, it was much easier to follow the hashtag and get familiar with the other artists.

Another thing I noticed is that it was nice to have a list of prompts to follow again. Even if I wasn’t that good at following the theme all the time… #aprilfae is supposed to be fairy or at least fantasy art, but at least two days I just straight up drew animals because I couldn’t come up with anything else. 😏
Still nice to have prompts tho. I’ve been going freestyle during Inktober for the past two years and I think I’m gonna do a prompt list this year. It’s so much easier for those zero inspiration days.

And I will probably do #aprilfae again next year. β˜ΊπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ


  1. 7 June 2019

    Hey Karin! Well done on participating in this art challenge. I’ve been seeing your art occasionally on Instagram and it’s been very nice.

  2. 21 June 2019

    Wow, you are so talented! I like all the drawings, they look amazing.

  3. 16 July 2019

    You know whhhaaattt? I’m really happy that i stumble upon your blog because my blog’s title is Artistic world, and yes, i love arts too! Tho now, i am into phototravelling.. but occasionally i do journal arts too! It’s nice to see these works and those drawing are really awesome!

  4. 20 July 2019

    You are so talented! :) I love all of your creations but the Fetching Headpiece drawing was the one that struck me the most! Keep on creating art, you are amazing <3

  5. 2 August 2019

    I need to participate in an art challenge! Girl you have skills, i love your drawings. <3

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