Advent Sunday

Yesterday was Advent Sunday which means Christmas season is officially here :)
I spent a big part of Saturday putting up Christmas decorations at home (there’s an army of snowmen in my living room) and yesterday I went into town to check out the festivities.

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

There was a market on the town square. Mostly old ladies and school classes selling home-made cookies, bread, jam and such. Didn’t buy anything from any of them though since I’m one of those modern persons who never carry cash…

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

There were two reindeer at the market too, one brown and one white.
I don’t think a crowded market is the right place to bring an animal, but reindeer are tradition and they were very pretty.

Speaking of crowded, I couldn’t believe how much people were out! 8O This is normally a town where a queue of more than 3 people is something to roll your eyes at, but yesterday was nuts. Where did everyone come from?

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

For the first time in my life I actually have all Christmas gifts ready, which is odd since I’m usually so last-minute with my gifts… But it’s a nice change – and it means I can relax and buy fun stuff for myself instead ;) Here’s yesterdays catch:

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

You can never have to many candles! Especially not candles that look like gingerbread cookies and snowballs ;)

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

Look, a Moomin print! :D I love Tove Jansson and her Moomin characters, so I’m really happy I found it. Just have to buy a frame for it and figure out which wall to hang it on.

Imaginary Karin - advent 2011

I also found some simple white candle holders and a crazy disco deer XD Like the magpie I am I can’t stay away from things that glitter, so when I saw the deer I had to buy it! It’s tacky, I know, but I can’t help it – to weird and to fun :P


  1. 28 November 2011

    I like your catch. I would have bought the deer also. It is cute, I don’t think it is tacky at all. I just wish I was lucky to live where I could see reindeer all the time, lol. Your candles are adorable. Doubt if I would burn them though, to cute.

  2. 28 November 2011

    Those candles are super cute. :D We had Christmas openings here too on Sunday. I didn’t participate but I noticed that they did shoot fireworks in the evening. Quite pretty actually. :)

  3. 28 November 2011

    I have those white candle holders as well, plus the red ones :D I think the deer is cool as well, but all the glitter would drive me insane xD

  4. 28 November 2011

    Everything you got is lovely, but I’m making googly-eyes at the deer. Like you, I have a Thing (a problem according to my friends and family – pfft! XD) for anything shiny or glittery.

    The market looked awesome. We haven’t gotten any real snow here yet and lights haven’t gone up, so I’m a bit jealous there. Tis the season to covet, right? :D

  5. 29 November 2011

    Neat! I have never seen an actual reindeer so that must have been pretty cool. It looks cold outside! Brr. Cute little things you got at the market! :)

  6. 30 November 2011

    Lovely! I still don’t feel quite like Christmas time is here, though most people around me seem to. I’m also the opposite of you–I usually have all my gifts figured out right away, and this year I haven’t done anything yet, oops.

  7. 30 November 2011

    In all honestty, despite having the Christmas tree up and all of the other decorations, it seriously doesn’t feel all that Christmasy. Maybe I need to develop some Christmasy traditions…Hm. But wow! I have never seen an actual reindeer, it must have been seriously cool to see one in real life. :)

    • 6 December 2011

      Reindeer are VERY common where I come from so I don’t exactly pee myself when I see one, but it’s unusual to get so close that you can touch them, and that was pretty fun :)

  8. 5 December 2011

    I am also attracted to anything that glitters so I would have snatched that little deer up too! Very cute finds! (Do we get to see a picture of the army of snowmen???)

    • 6 December 2011

      Yes, I might take photos of the snowmen. They are my favourite Christmas decorations :)

  9. 10 December 2011

    Åh renar! De enda renar jag sett de senaste åren har varit uppstoppade. Så konstigt för mig som är uppvuxen i Kalix, där fanns ju renarna överallt, levande. Väldigt vackra djur är de.

    Snöbollsljusen är superfina! Sådana skulle jag också vilja ha. Har sett dem lite här och var men har aldrig blivit av att köpa några.

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