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About Karin

My name is Karin and I live in a small town in north Sweden. I share a house with my husband Markus and our pets: a young labrador/hound mix named Runa and a cat named Maja.

Most of my time is spent in front of the computer. Partly because I earn my living as a front-end web developer, so it’s my work tool – and partly because some of my biggest interests include playing games, reading blogs, and just wandering aimlessly around the ‘Net.

Contradictory to all that screen time, I also love being outdoors. I’m lucky to live close to nature and am often found (is lost a better word?) deep in the woods, exploring the hidden corners of the world. Nature is my cure for just about everything, nothing heals the heart and mind faster than being surrounded by the sounds and smells of the forest.

When I’m not busy staring at a screen or wading through undergrowth I like to draw, usually animal or fantasy motifs.

I’m also a bookworm who tend to alternate between epic fantasy and cheesy chick lit. I’m not picky though. Truth is, I’ll read anything with letters on it.

The music I listen to is mostly rock and metal, but I like most alternative genres. I’m not picky here either, I’ll listen to almost anything at least once.


  • Very very very left-handed
  • Likes to try crazy hair colours. Right now it’s blue purple green!
  • Not religious – unless you count my worshipping of Tolkien
  • Has a full sleeve tattoo and planning to get more
  • Only child
  • Huge animal nerd. Give me a shout if you wanna talk obscure animal facts!
  • Slytherclaw (Ravenclaw/Slytherin) 🦅🐍
  • Favourite games are Guild Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings Online
  • Dislikes flying but loves to travel 🌍
  • Not a real goth, but definitely “darkly inclined”
  • Mostly harmless

About the site

This site serves as a personal journal as well as a dumping ground for my drawings, pixels, and other random creations. I do this for fun, as a hobby. Posts usually revolve around my pets, nature, Internet culture, everything fantasy and sci-fi, and pretty places I visit. I write about whatever I feel like writing about, without theme or agenda.

Layout and credits

The little icons (categories, tags etc.) are made by Icondock, everything else is designed, created, and coded by me.


I got my first computer with Internet access when I was about 15 years old and it completely amazed me. In fact, it changed my entire life. Growing up in a rural village in northern Sweden means you’re pretty isolated from the outside world, but suddenly… I wasn’t. Through this magical machine, the entire world was brought straight into my own room!

The first thing I did with my computer was to learn how to build websites. The Internet was the world and I wanted to be a part of it, and that meant I had to have my own website.

My very first site was a cyber pet adoption site hosted on Geocities. Being an animal lover slash artist it was no wonder I stumbled upon the community of pixel art and cyber pets.

Sometime in 2001-2002 I moved away from the cyber pets and created a more personal website about me and my life. The word “blog” wasn’t invented yet, so it was called having an online journal. Comments and other personal interactions were handled through e-mail and guest books.

In early 2005 I bought my first own domain,

In 2009 I switched to My site was divided into one Swedish blog and one art/pixel site in English for the first two years, but eventually, I got sick of the split-personality website and merged everything into one. In the process, I also made the decision to only use English and ditch Swedish altogether.

In January 2015 I changed my domain name to, and here we are now.

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