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A few days ago I did something I hardly ever do: I went to an art exhibition!
A local gallery is having a really fun exhibition right now called A Picture World For Big And Small that features art from children’s picture books. I love books and I love art, so naturally I’ve always been a huge fan of picture books! I dare say that some of the most intriguing and imaginative art in the world is found by looking through the children’s section in the library/book store.

Anyway, I saw a poster advertising this exhibition and instantly decided to go take a look. Markus agreed to tag along as well when I told him the gallery has a cafeteria. :P
It was really fun to do something different. I love going to galleries and museums when travelling, but for some reason I always kinda forget about them when at home. Maybe because it’s so much easier to just stay at home playing video games and watching movies? ;)

Imaginary Karin - childrens books art exhibition

The entrance to the exhibition. The shelves on the wall are full of books with illustrations by the featured artists.

Imaginary Karin - childrens books art exhibition

Art by Stina Wirsén
For some reason I really loved the figure in the middle. It’s creepy, but in a cute way.

Imaginary Karin - childrens books art exhibition

I was a huge Moomin fan as a kid, still am actually :love: I love her stories and I love her drawing style! It’s cute and colourful but with a sometimes almost eerie feel. I was really happy to see her work in the gallery.

Imaginary Karin - childrens books art exhibition

More Tove Jansson
I wonder what you’d have to pay for one of her drawings? ‘Cause I would love to have one of these on my wall!

Imaginary Karin - childrens books art exhibition

Personally, I think they could’ve done something more with the decor considering it’s an exhibition about art for children, but I guess small town galleries doesn’t have funds to go to crazy. They did have some fun cloud-shaped seatings I really liked :)

And now I really want to be a children’s book illustrator… *sigh*


  1. 2 August 2011

    Ooo!!! I wonder if we have anything like that around here… I am JUST like you. I love reading and I love art. And I also think children’s art is brilliant. I’ve thought of being an illustrator before… Especially as my art style is cute, or sometime eerie, but more imaginative and cartoon-y. ^_^

  2. 6 August 2011

    Aw, so pretty! It reminds me of a child’s bedroom. I actually really love going to museums, but because of that, I’ve been to nearly every single one in my city so I’m all out. :P I love art galleries and exhibitions, also because some of them get updated pretty regularly with new artwork.

    I remember high school days when we had to design picture books. I hated it because my drawing sucked. xD

  3. 6 August 2011

    I’ve secretly wanted to be a children’s illustrator for such a long time. What a fun job, I imagine! Love the art exhibit — so many cool art pieces. I really dig the large tree on the wall though. :D

  4. 7 August 2011

    Awww it looks so nice! I hardly ever go to art gallerys, though I love them. Maybe I’ll go scout around for some!

    LOVE your blog layout, so gorgeous

    Love Jas xo

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