Starting my first Day in the Life on a Monday in January must be the worst idea ever. Its like, the dullest type of day one can imagine. I should’ve done this on Saturday or something, but it is what it is now. :P

Was a rather typical Monday here.

Got myself to work, answered emails, had a meeting, coded some. Markus was going to play board games with his friends tonight, so I’ve been having the evening to myself.

Imaginary Karin - office monitors

My workstation. :) I always have a large sketchpad on my desk so I can make notes and doodle.

My day in five words or less

Cold and sleepy.

Just before writing this, I was…

Browsing Facebook and chatting with my boyfriend on Messenger.

I ate ____ today

Cottage cheese with nuts and dried fruit + carrot juice for lunch. Love carrot juice!

Imaginary Karin - cotted cheese and carrot juice

TIL (Today I Learned)

That Tera has a terrible launcher.

I wanted to try the game for one reason: the Popori race. Who wouldn’t want to play as a fat little woodland critter!? But alas, the Tera launcher refuse to cooperate with my computer, and judging by the numerous forum posts it’s a common issue.

Eventually I gave up. If I want to play fluffy little animals there’s always Wildstar, and at least that game actually downloads properly.

At 12:34pm today, I was…

…having my lunch break. Strolled through the mall and did some window shopping before buying lunch.

One thing I could have done better today

Had some phone calls to make that I never got to.
I meant to, but between the extensive Tera troubleshooting, the animals poking me for attention, and me just being my usual procrastinating self I didn’t remember until it was too late in the evening.

I have phone anxiety and tend to wait ’til last minute with phone calls. Or, as I did today, suppress until I forget it altogether.

I will start tomorrow by…

Getting up earlier so I have more time to get ready. I always snooze too long on Mondays, but Tuesdays tend to go better.

When will civilization move away from starting the workday at 8 o’clock? -.- It’s just cruel. I wish I was more of a morning person…

The weather

-18°C (-0,4°F) in the middle of the day, even colder in the morning and the evening. Slightly windy and only light snowfall.

(Yes, I’m including the weather. Yes, that means I’m turning into my father. Shut up.)

Imaginary Karin - park fountain