7 kinds of flowers – a summer spell

Summer flowers
Wood cranesbill (Geranium sylvaticum) or as we call them; Midsummer flower

This past Friday we celebrated Midsummer’s Eve here. In these modern times it’s mostly an excuse to eat good food, drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol, and shamelessly flirt (or more…) with everyone that comes near. It’s a holiday celebrating life, love, and the sweet return of summer.

According to old folklore though, the Midsummer night is a night of magic.

The sun is at it’s highest and the forests and fields are bursting with new life, the powers of nature are never as strong as they are now. There are many spells and rituals suitable to perform on that night, and a good many of them have to do with finding out who your true love will be.

Of course, most people don’t really believe in magic, but it’s still considered a cute tradition, especially among young girls.

Summer flowers
Buttercup (Ranunculus acris)
Summer flowers
Cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris)
Summer flowers
White clover (Trifolium repens)

The most common “spell” is the one about putting flowers under your pillow. I’ve heard many different versions, but this is the one I was told as a child:

  • Find a crossroads where 7 different kinds of flowers grow.
  • Pick one of each flower and bind them together with a ribbon.
  • Put the little bouquet under your pillow, and once you fall asleep you will dream about your future spouse.

I tried it a couple of times myself when I was little, but I never dreamt about anyone as far as I can remember. Maybe because I usually cheated with the crossroads thing, it’s more difficult than it sounds to find one with exactly 7 kinds of flowers. :P
(FYI, the flowers in this post did not all grow at the same spot.)

Do you have any similar “future love rituals” where you come from?

Summer flowers
Arctic starflower (Trientalis europaea). My favourite flower in the whole world.
Summer flowers
Don’t know the species of this one…
Summer flowers
May lily (Maianthemum bifolium)


  1. 24 June 2014

    Celebrating Midsummer’s Eve sounds fun, and I love that there are spells and rituals that you can perform that night! Finding 7 different kinds of flowers at a crossroad does sound tough. I think it’s a cute idea though :) The flowers in your post look pretty. I love the shape of the starflower, and the buttercups reminds me of how I used to pick them when I was young. I don’t think I know of any love rituals like this though!

  2. 28 June 2014

    I remember when I was little, little girls on playgrounds would take a buttercup flower and pull the pedals off one at a time and chant he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, and whatever they ended on would revel if a crush loved her. I think there are variations to this as well.

  3. 2 July 2014

    Thinking of it as a night of magic is fun, even if you don’t believe in magic.

  4. 2 July 2014

    aw this is really sweet and interesting. I’ve never really even heard of it before.

  5. 3 July 2014

    The flowers are really pretty. It is good that you can spend another time of year enjoying many good things. :D

    That would be really hard to find a crossroads with 7 different flowers growing. :crazy:

  6. 4 July 2014

    Ooh, I wish we celebrated Midsummer here. It seems so magical and lovely.

    There are sooo many buttercups where I’m from, and I think they’re the perfect summer flower. I used to pick bouquets of them when I was younger, and make garlands out of them to wear as a bracelet or in my hair. :)

    The arctic starflower is beautiful, and I love the name!

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