5 years ♥

Me and Markus have hit the half-a-decade mark – on June 6th we had been together for 5 years!

Of course neither of us remembered and it wasn’t until I randomly noticed a post on my Facebook profile that said I had been in a relationship since June 6th 2007. Heh…
It can’t be a good sign if you need Facebook to remind you of your anniversary XD

Or it might be a great sign – we’re having so much fun we forgot to keep track of time. ;)

Anyway, we figured this was an excellent excuse to go out and have a dinner date. We went to a slightly fancier local restaurant and found ourselves ordering a 3 course dinner:

Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

The starter: shrimps and grilled white asparagus, with fresh cheese with ramson.
Was nice, but the white asparagus wasn’t nearly as good as the one I had in Munich.

Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

Main course: Salmon fillet with a cheese and potato terrine, and Hollandaise sauce with trout roe.
This one was absolutely amazing! I will dream about that salmon tonight! *drool*

Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

The dessert was ecological vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries. Can’t go wrong with that. :)
These were the first strawberries of the year for me. It really felt like summer.

Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

I just want to show off my outfit too! (Click the image for a bigger one) I don’t normally post clothes, but I’m so in love with this dress I want to show you. It’s from Hell Bunny, with a pattern of little flowers, cherries and strawberries. And polka dots. Feel like such a 50’s girl in it. :heart:

My feet are sore from the high heels though… And they’re not even that high!
I don’t think I’ll ever learn to walk properly in heels…

Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

Here we are. Blurry and flat-haired and all, haha.
Finger’s crossed, by the time we hit the 10 year mark we’ll be married. ;)


  1. 9 June 2012

    Happy anniversary to you two! 5 years is a long time. That’s awesome :D The dinner looks delicious, especially the main course. I’ve never seen Hollandaise with roe in it before. It looks so good! Your dress is really cute too :D

  2. 9 June 2012

    Hahaha, I find it hilarious that facebook reminded you of your anniversary :) At least you two still celebrated. Love the dress btw!

  3. Ann-Kristin
    9 June 2012

    Grattis på 5-års dagen. Hade ni gift er för fem år sen hade det varit träbröllop ni firat. Låter lite trist faktiskt med trä. Vi firade 31 år samma dag, då heter det ingenting. Din klänning är förresten
    riktigt snygg. Det måste vara inne med klänning i år. Butikerna har ju riktigt många. Jag skulle vilja köpa en också, men tycker inte jag hittat någon snygg. Det finns mest blommiga mönster.

    • 17 June 2012

      Tack ^^ Men 30 år hette väl något i alla fall? Spets eller porslin eller nåt?

      Ja, det går nästan inte att shoppa kläder just nu… allt är i skarpa färger och/eller med blommor typ mormors gardiner. Nej tack.

      • Ann-Kristin
        19 June 2012

        Jag tror 30 år hette pärlbröllop. Från 20 år tror jag det heter något bara vart 5:e år.
        Sen har man väl inte brytt sej nåt särskilt om vad det kallas heller.
        Jag tycker också det är svårt att shoppa kläder. Ibland önskar jag man hade en staylist med som kunde hjälpa en välja. Det kanske finns kläder man skulle passa i men man bläddrar bara förbi dom på klädstället.

  4. 9 June 2012

    Grattis till er båda! :D Och klänningen är jättesnygg! :)

  5. 11 June 2012

    Happy anniversary! The salmon looks delicious, and I’m glad it lived up to its appearance. I raise a glass to many happy returns!

  6. 12 June 2012

    :) what a cute post!! Congrats hitting the 5 year mark ;)!! (hah & don’t worry about the facebook thing – i’m already in the phase where i have to subtract the year i started going out with the bf from the current year we’re in, to get how many years we’ve been together because i always forget xD hahahah!)

    Loving that dress by the way ;D! It suits you a lot!

    • 17 June 2012

      Haha, that’s great – then we’re not the only ones being lax about these things XD

  7. 13 June 2012

    Grattis! :D Söt klänning också!

  8. 15 June 2012

    Congratulations on making 5 years! The food looks divine.

  9. 22 June 2012

    Aww, congratulations! ^^ I absolutely love your dress, it’s so cute! :D :heart:

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