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Imaginary Karin - Guitars museum Umeå

Anniversary and world class guitars

Feb 23, 2016

Apparently me and Markus have been engaged for 4 years now! :D In total we've been a couple for almost 9 years actually, so it's been a long run. Normally (...)

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When Karin met Markus

Feb 17, 2014

WARNING: This post contains romantic drivel. Don't read if heartbroken or otherwise have an aversion to lovey-dovey crap. Friday was Valentine's Day, but it's not really celebrated here, so never (...)

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Imaginary Karin - Markus post-op at the hospital

Markus’s broken heart

Jun 10, 2013

When Markus was born back in 1987 he, according to his mother, came out with blue skin. This was because of a serious congenital heart defect, a syndrome called Tetralogy (...)

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Imaginary Karin - my house

Moving chaos and electric hearts

Sep 04, 2012

UPDATE: Since many of you asked: Markus has been to the heart specialist now and everything looks good. Thank you all for your concern :) This whole weekend was a (...)

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Imaginary Karin - 5 years anniversary 2012

5 years ♥

Jun 08, 2012

Me and Markus have hit the half-a-decade mark - on June 6th we had been together for 5 years! Of course neither of us remembered and it wasn't until I (...)

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Marriage and such

Feb 23, 2012

After my previous announcement I feel like talking a little about marriage. The thing is, marriage has never been on my bucket list. I can honestly say I've never dreamt (...)

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Imaginary Karin - engagement 2012

I’m engaged!

Feb 21, 2012

Yep, looks like I'm getting hitched. On Friday, February 17 I proposed to Markus - and he said yes! ^_^ On Friday evening, after dinner, I set the scene in (...)

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