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Imaginary Karin - versatile blogger award

Versatile Blogger Award

Oct 12, 2015

I've recieved The Versatile Blogger Award from Raisa, thank you very much! :heart: Everyone seem to be getting awards left and right lately, is it award season in the blogosphere (...)

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Welcome to my new site!

Jan 08, 2015

Imaginary Adjective existing only in the imagination or fancy; not real; fancied: "an imaginary illness; the imaginary animals in the stories of Dr. Seuss." Synonyms: fanciful, visionary, shadowy, chimerical, baseless, (...)

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sad gif

Online identity crisis

Dec 16, 2014

So... *wipes dust off keyboard*... it's been really quiet here lately, hasn't it? This blog seem to have been neglected for quite some time now. I could blame it on (...)

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Blogging : picking a language

Nov 27, 2012

Swedish is my first language, so naturally that's the language where I have the biggest vocabulary, know the most slang, and just generally feel most comfortable expressing myself with. Now, (...)

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Versatile blogger

Apr 20, 2012

Deanna of passed on the Versatile Blogger award to me! Thank you! :D I actually love silly stuff like these (just as I love lists, and surveys) so I'm (...)

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Hello again!

Oct 04, 2010

Whoops, I kinda fell off the Internet there for a while :P What I've been up to this past month: Work Lots and lots of work. And I love it! (...)

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Dreamwidth anyone?

Aug 14, 2009

A few months ago I found out about this new blogging platform Dreamwidth and was intrigued to investigate it. 100 years ago I had a LiveJournal account, but that was (...)

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