I hope you like cats, because this Spooky Box is all about kitties!

For as long as I can remember there’s always been at least one cat living with my mother, and I’ve had a few cats myself too. For the past few years I’ve been owned by Maja, the little blue tortoiseshell we took in as a foster cat and then decided to keep.

Being a lover of all kinds of animals I’m not a cat lady as much as an “all animals lady”, but the domestic cat is definitely one of my favourite species. 🙂

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box

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Imaginary Karin - Iron Maiden at Ullevi, Gothenburg

I can’t believe I got to see Iron Maiden live last Friday! 😀
They are currently touring with their new album Book of Souls, and last Friday they came to Gothenburg, Sweden. Iron Maiden is one of those classic old metal bands you just have to see live, and now I can finally say that yes, I’ve seen them.

Unfortunately the sound was kind of crap. I don’t normally care much about sound quality, but it became annoying when the mic started dying every 10 seconds. At first I thought it was just me having trouble with my ear plugs (I always have, my ears hate those things), but I heard afterwards that lots of people had been complaining about the sound so apparently it was a real issue.

Still, it’s an amazing band and it was an amazing evening!

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Warcraft movie poster

I’ve seen the new Warcraft movie now and… I actually liked it. 🙂 I didn’t expect to, movies based on games rarely work, so it was a happy surprise. Of course, you have to take it for what it is: an action movie with lots of glittering magic and unrealistic armour and a rather basic plot, but it was enjoyable.
The graphics are gorgeous and very visual, both the characters and the landscapes are stunning. I also think they did a good job of showing the story from both sides and how the orcs are not just evil invaders.

What didn’t work for me was Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar, but it wasn’t really his fault. I’ve just watched so much Vikings that it’s difficult to see him as anyone other than Ragnar Lothbrok. Especially since he talked the same way.
In Vikings, Travis/Ragnar has a special way of talking that I always assumed was the actor trying to imitate a Scandinavian accent – but he sounds almost the same in Warcraft too! Not quite as pronounced, but it’s definitely there. Either way, all I saw was Ragnar with more hair and a fancy sword.

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Imaginary Karin - spring goddess Ostara drawing

Probably should have posted this around Easter, but I didn’t finish it until now so… Better late than never, right?

This is Ostara, or Ēostre, an old Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. She is described as warmth and life returning after winter’s cold, as the birth and rebirth of all animals and plants.

It’s not surprising that her most well-known symbols are the hare and the egg, both ancient tokens of fertility and reproduction that have been used and reused across multiple religions and cultures. Some believe Ostara and her hares are the source of our modern day Easter Bunny, but there is no definitive source to back it up.

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Imaginary Karin - Zaphod in the forest

As I’m sure most of you know by now I have a tiger-striped whippet named Zaphod. People seemed to appreciate the snake f.a.q. I posted a few years ago, so I’ve decided to do a similar post about my dog. About bloody time too, I’ve only had him for 11 years…

When your dog happens to be of a slightly unusual breed (at least where I live it is) curious questions from the public are inevitable. Here are a select few:

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