A few months ago I found out about this new blogging platform Dreamwidth and was intrigued to investigate it.
100 years ago I had a LiveJournal account, but that was when I first started exploring this new Internet thing and as the n00b I was I never really managed to figure out how to use it or modify it to my liking. I started learning HTML and began building my own websites instead. 😛
Dreamwidth is by invite only, but I managed to get hold of one and made an account – and to my own surprise I’ve actually been using it too!

I like having a free and simple place to post, a place that is as private as I want it to be and where I’m free to post just about anything without a care in the world.
Now, of course I could make password protected posts here, but I don’t want to. I don’t like seeing password posts on blogs and I don’t want my visitors to be slapped in the face with them either. I could also make protected posts at my Swedish blog, but since many friends and co-workers and such are lurking around there they would only start pestering me with questions.

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Last weekend I went back in time, sort of. I headed back to the village I grew up in to participate in a school reunion. Apparently it’s 10 years since I graduated primary school (9th grade). Ten years!! 😯 I’m getting old…

The reunion was fun, we had dinner at a local restaurant and then went to a community centre to party and play… the dictionary tells me it’s called “rounders”. It’s kinda like baseball but with simpler rules, a very common game here. Anyway, there were maybe 50 people there. We drank beer and took pictures and just tried to catch up on what had happened with everyone.

One thing I didn’t look forward to was meeting all the old bullies who made my school years less than pleasant. When thinking about meeting them again I didn’t really know how I should deal with it and had some very mixed feelings. But it turned out fine.

The biggest assholes didn’t show up at all, the only one there was this guy I used to really hate, but once I sat there in front of him I realized something that was a great relief for me: I don’t care anymore.

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This weekend we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. It’s the biggest and most important holiday we have except for Christmas. Midsummer is when we raise Maypoles and dance around them, eat herring and boiled potatoes, and party out in the green nature all night long while drinking ourselves absolutely wasted. All in the light of the midnight sun, or at least that’s what we have up in the northern end of the country. In the south the sun will set as usual. Poor bastards. 😉

According to old folklore Midsummer is a time of love and magic. One of the most common love spells to perform on Midsummer’s Eve is to pick seven kinds of flowers and put them under the pillow, then you’ll see your future love in a dream. I’ve done it when I was little, but I don’t remember who (if anyone) I saw in the dream though.

Regardless if you believe in magic or not, there’s something special about the Nordic summer. It’s so short and intense, and after a long dark winter it seem extraordinary. It’s like plants, animals, and people finally come alive after a deep sleep.
Midsummer is a holiday for the earth,

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