I’ve thought a lot about reindeer lately.
It started with an exciting new project at work involving said animal. The project hasn’t officially started yet but I already have a whole herd running around in my head, waving their antlers around and pooping in the corners and what not…

As a result I have an increasing number of reindeer sketches piling up on my desk.

And as a result of that I had to go play in Photoshop.

Before I knew it I had a new layout and even though it’s not really December yet I couldn’t wait, as you can see I uploaded it right away! ๐Ÿ˜€

Imaginary Karin - reindeer drawing

This is the actual reindeer in the header. I just scanned it and darkened it to a silhouette.

Imaginary Karin - reindeer sketch

Some of my sketches. And yes, that is actually a reindeer furry. -_-;

Where I grew up there are reindeer everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) certain times of the year. And they can be quite a pain in the ass to be honest.

In Sweden all reindeer are owned by the Sami people.

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I saw this at Angelica’s site and decided to give it a go.
It’s almost scary how easy it is to find faults and defects in ourselves, and how hard it can be to find something good and positive. It’s like our brains are programmed to only remember the bad things and lock good stuff away in the basement. :/

So… a little self-appreciation might be in order!


List three things youโ€™re good at, three things you like about your life, three things you like about your personality and three things you like about your looks. Then challenge five people to do the same.

My answers:

Three things Iโ€™m good at:
1. Pixeling.
2. I’m pretty good with dogs. As in teaching and training them and such.
3. Iโ€™m really good at remembering names and faces. It’s convenient most of the time, but not always. Like when people think I’m a crazy stalker for remembering them even though we’ve only met once some 6 years ago. Or when I remember the entire cast of some movie and people think I’m a huge fan since I “know all about it”

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I had a great Halloween, the best for many years actually! We started with drinks and Guitar Hero at Johan’s place, then went out to a local bar/disco.
We don’t really celebrate Halloween here so most people don’t care about it, but there were lots of dressed up people. Mostly witches and devils, a few Joker’s (the Batman villain, you know) and even Santa himself ๐Ÿ™‚

I found the most amazing pants at the Red Cross and simply couldn’t resist buying them! I tried to create some sort of 70’s hippie theme around them with a wide brown top and lots of jewellery (I had braids in my hair, bright blue eye-shadow and cool platform shoes too, but they don’t show in the pics).

Imaginary Karin - halloween 2009 outfit
My outfit for the night ๐Ÿ˜€
The photos really don’t do the pants justice, they’re so much more awesome irl.

Imaginary Karin - Hallween 2009
Camila, Zaphod and me. Zaphod is all “Mom… wtf?

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Imaginary Karin - candy corn drawing

That’s such a lame joke, I can’t believe I’m posting it…
You see, my snake is a Cornsnake! *rolls eyes* And there is actually a certain Cornsnake colour called Candy Corn (but they look more like this). And I got the candy colours wrong. Jeez.


Have a great weekend everyone, with lots of candy and candles, ghosts and zombies! ๐Ÿ˜€
(I actually have a party to go to and an awesome outfit! I’m so excited!)

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I’ve been MIA from the dolling community (i.e. the making of pixel dolls, read here if you need an explanation) for quite some time now. I tend to do that so it’s nothing unusual. It’s just a bit awkward coming back to the forums again and be all “Hi, remember me? No? Ok then.. *crawls back into my dark corner to pout*“. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ok, maybe not exactly like that *lol*

Anyway, now one of those absent periods seem to be over and I’m slowly wiggling my way back into dolling. Instead of working with other people’s bases I’ve been making some of my own – and actually managed to finish them! I feel all proud and happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Imaginary Karin - Magic me pixel

Needed a new DeviantArt ID and decided to sprinkle some magic over myself and Zaphod. That’s why the ground is that grey green colour, to go well with DA.

Imaginary Karin - Rose witch pixel Imaginary Karin - Blonde goth pixel

To the left is my new forum avatar for Glam!, a rose witch with a cyan hat. Very suitable. To the right is just an experiment doll (omg, I made a blonde!) to try out my new base.

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