Imaginary Karin - spring goddess Ostara drawing

Probably should have posted this around Easter, but I didn’t finish it until now so… Better late than never, right?

This is Ostara, or Ēostre, an old Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. She is described as warmth and life returning after winter’s cold, as the birth and rebirth of all animals and plants.

It’s not surprising that her most well-known symbols are the hare and the egg, both ancient tokens of fertility and reproduction that have been used and reused across multiple religions and cultures. Some believe Ostara and her hares are the source of our modern day Easter Bunny, but there is no definitive source to back it up.

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Imaginary Karin - Zaphod in the forest

As I’m sure most of you know by now I have a tiger-striped whippet named Zaphod. People seemed to appreciate the snake f.a.q. I posted a few years ago, so I’ve decided to do a similar post about my dog. About bloody time too, I’ve only had him for 11 years…

When your dog happens to be of a slightly unusual breed (at least where I live it is) curious questions from the public are inevitable. Here are a select few:

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My Favourite Things is a monthly linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene. Head over there to participate!

So apparently I’m not dead, I just fell off the blogging wagon for a while. For some reason that always happen to me either in the spring or in the early autumn. Guess it has something to do with the seasons changing, but it usually only happens once a year. Hopefully that means I won’t fall off again until 2017 😛
Anyway, let’s get back into things with some positivity: my current favourite things!

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Time for another Spooky Box! 😀 This box is inspired by “the beauty found in old cemeteries, from tombstones and skeletons to old customs of keeping a memento belonging to loved ones”.

Sounds like my type of thing, old cemeteries really can be hauntingly beautiful. Let’s see what we got…

The Graveyard Box

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Graveyard

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Graveyard

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Umeå from above

Mixed architecture

Apparently me and Markus have been engaged for 4 years now! 😀 In total we’ve been a couple for almost 9 years actually, so it’s been a long run.

Normally we don’t bother much with anniversaries. I understand and remember the excitement about the first couple of years, but after being together for almost a decade adding yet another year to the counter isn’t all that spectacular.

Although it should be, shouldn’t it?

Clearly we must be doing something right if we’ve managed to keep it up for this long, but that doesn’t mean we can just drop the ball and stop making an effort. Where’s the fun in that?

This year we decided to celebrate with a trip to the neighbouring city of Umeå, 2 hours south of here.

Umeå (pronounced you-me-oh) is the biggest city in north Sweden and so has a lot more entertainment to offer than our home town.

We drove down on Saturday morning and then spent the whole day strolling around town, doing some shopping and just generally having a good time.

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