After my previous announcement I feel like talking a little about marriage.

The thing is, marriage has never been on my bucket list. I can honestly say I’ve never dreamt about my wedding day (like all girls are “supposed” to do) and I’ve never thought about it as something I want or need to happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a life partner though. I’ve always hoped I would meet someone and spend the rest of my life with that person, but the actual wedding ritual and having the legal contact that is marriage? Never.
It’s not like I’ve been against it either, I see nothing wrong with it, I just… never cared. *shrug*

And then I met Markus.

Markus was pretty clear from the start that he wanted to get married at some point. “Not right now and probably not for many years to come, but eventually I will want to be able to call someone my wife.
He’s such a hopeless romantic. 😛

In the beginning I found it a little silly. We don’t follow any religion that requires marriage and we live in a modern society where just cohabiting is seen as perfectly normal.

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Yep, looks like I’m getting hitched.
On Friday, February 17 I proposed to Markus – and he said yes! ^_^

Imaginary Karin - engagement 2012

On Friday evening, after dinner, I set the scene in the kitchen with some fancy ice-cream desserts and lit candles. On his side of the table I placed a stuffed bunny holding a heart and a handwritten love letter with reasons why I love him. He sat down, read it and then I took out the box with the rings, dropped on one knee and asked him to marry me.

I knew he would say yes as we’ve been talking about it for years, but I was still a nervous wreck! I’m so glad I decided to do it at home, just him and me and not out in public somewhere 😛

FYI: Markus wants me to make it perfectly clear that he did NOT cry. No, no he didn’t.
Ok, maybe one manly tear, but no more. Honest.

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It’s been very cold here for the past two weeks (ranging between -18°C and -30°C) so I have avoided going outside, but now it’s getting warmer again so I’ve been taking my new phone on some test drives. I wanted to try the camera outside and see how it works. Turns out it works quite well. I’m pleased 🙂

Winter 2012
The “back side” of the mountain I live beneath. Nothing but trees as far as the eye can see…

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As you might know we have had a foster cat named Bella living with us for a while. Almost 6 months to be precise, she came to us from the local animal protection association in August last year.

And now she has left.

They called this weekend and told me a woman was interested in adopting her and yesterday evening that woman came to our apartment to pick Bella up and take her to her new home. For a while we talked about keeping her, but truth be told I think Bella is better off somewhere else. This lady apparently lives in a house out on the countryside, has no other pets and is retired so she’s home all day. Bella would love that! She could get all the attention she wants, be allowed to go outside and no annoying dog 😉

I’m definitely going to miss her though.

Imaginary Karin - Maja the cat

Every morning for these past months she would come up in our bed when the alarm goes off and curl up against me and purr (like she’s trying to stop me from getting up 😛 ) and this morning…

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This is actually a little awkward to admit, having spent the past 4 or 5 years muttering about how “I don’t need my phone to do anything other than send and receive phone calls“, but last week I finally caved in and got a smartphone.
My old dumbphone was getting, well, old and I figured it was time to upgrade to something contemporary. Also, pretty much everyone I know is scoffing at and poking me for not having a “real” phone so… I hope you’re happy now! I won’t embarrass you anymore 😉

The choice fell on a Samsung Galaxy SII.
I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I’ve even heard hardcore Apple fans admitting that it is in fact a pretty good phone. So far I like it a lot and it’s definitely cool having a mini computer following me around everywhere I go. I love that I can actually do stuff with it, like check my email or take a photo or whatever.

I can’t compare it with an iPhone since I’ve never had one, but compared to my iPad I’m surprised at how similar they are.

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