Today my bony, tiger-striped pooch is 7 years old! :heart:
He has spent all day with me here at work. Soon it’s time to go home, but I think we’re gonna stop by the pet store first and pick up a nice bone or something for him. And tonight we’ll go play in the forest. 🙂

I took these in my office earlier today:

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Hey, tomorrow is the spring equinox! 😀
We’ve been having some warm weather this past week, but calling it spring would be an exaggeration. There’s still plenty of snow on the ground and the winds are freezing.

I love all holidays, but my two favourites are Samhain (Halloween) and Ostara (or Easter, I’m not fussy). Samhain because it’s in the fall, my favourite season, and it’s full of darkness and ghosts and lit candles. Ostara because it’s bright and colourful and has cute bunnies and chickens. And both holidays are also full of witches!
Or it is here anyway.
We didn’t do trick-or-treating during Halloween when I was a kid (truth is we didn’t even do Halloween back then), instead it was tradition to go around begging for candy during Easter dressed up as an Easter witch. Here’s an article about that tradition.

My birthday is also just around the corner, and having spent all my life celebrating around Easter means that theme was usually incorporated somehow. Like, I would always get tulips and/or daffodils rather than roses. For the birthday party the house would always be full of Easter decorations (I think I inherited my love of decorating from my mum,

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My hair is currently driving me insane. I’ve had a sidecut (right side of head long-ish, left side buzz cut) for quite a while, but now I have some ideas for other haircuts I want to try and thus I’ve decided to grow it out. Sounds simple, but no.

Apparently my hair grows straight out from the skin – and I mean straight out, like an agitated hedgehog. And it refuse to lay down. No amounts of wax, spray or gel can tame it. It. Stands. Up.

Imaginary Karin - stupid hair

Seriously..? It looks like I tried to cut my own hair like some 3 year old!

Now, do I:

a.) Buy a hat and wear it 24/7 for the next couple of months until it gets long enough?
b.) Cut my whole head and start from scratch? I’d still look like a bloody hedgehog – but at least I’d be a whole hedgehog.
c.) Accept my fate and just carry on as usual, hoping noone calls the psychic ward? Or Tabatha Coffey.

I hate getting trolled by my own body parts…

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Imaginary Karin - Maja the cat

So… apparently Bella didn’t like her new home. Or her new home didn’t like her, I don’t know which. They said she was meowing all nights so they couldn’t sleep and because of that they didn’t want to keep her – and of course we agreed to take her back!

She’s always been talkative, but not so much it’s bothering in any way. Definitely not enough to keep us up at night. At first I was worried it might be something wrong with her, but she seem fine to me. She’s been back for a few days now and I see no difference from how she was before.
I suspect the new owners maybe just got cold feet. Which is OK, everyone can make a mistake – and I rather see them giving her back to us than keeping her if they don’t really want to.

It’s all fine in my book, we’re happy she’s back ^_^
Except maybe poor Zaphod who is miffed over loosing his basket again… 😉

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Music is one of the two things that inspire me the most in life. The other is nature.
Just about everything I do, from the way I dress to the people I choose to be friends with, can be traced back to those two things: music and nature. You don’t have to know me very well to figure it out either. 😛

Well, today I was listening to Raubtier – one of my favourite bands. I think I’ve mentioned them before somewhere? They’re a Swedish band playing industrial metal and they only write in Swedish, so I doubt anyone outside Scandinavia will ever hear about them. Anyway, they’re awesome.

One of my favourite songs by them is Polarvargen (The arctic wolf). I spent most of today listening to it over and over and over again and… this is what happened:

Imaginary Karin - polarvargen drawing

“Your love is too wild and harsh.
You have the eyes of an arctic wolf,
you have hunger like a wolverine.
Fear for you is sinking in,
burning my skin.
You swore to be forever mine…”

“Din kärlek är för vildsint och kärv.

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