As you might have seen if you follow me on social media: my dog Zappo is no longer with us.
He passed on May 26th and I just didn’t feel like writing about it before.

What happened was I noticed some lumps on his neck that seemed to be swollen lymph nodes, so I took him to the vet. I hoped it was just an infection or something, but they ran some tests that came back positive for cancer. We also found it had spread down into his chest. It wasn’t long before it was decided the best option was to just let him go.

The days between deciding and it actually happening were long and heartbreaking. Everything was “the last”. The last night, the last day, the last walk, the last meal, the last everything.

And I kept feeling like I should do something. You know, something special. I’ve seen many sweet posts online about people doing “last days” with their dogs. But with Zappo that didn’t seem right.
He was old and sick and mostly just wanted to sleep. And he hated car rides, so taking him anywhere just seemed mean.

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Hey, long time no see! So the past months have been kinda crazy, but in a good way: I got a new job! Or, not entirely new… it’s actually my old job with a twist.

My old company shut down and I became unemployed, but not completely. We had a pretty cool photo development service that we were building and maintaining, and that particular service was actually sold off to a company in Stockholm. So main company shuts down, but this particular service will live on under new ownership.

As it turned out though, these Stockholmers were not only interested in the code, but also in the people who wrote the code. I.e. me and my back-end developer colleague. I.e. they offered us a job! I started on March 15. ✌ 😀

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Found this fun tag over at My Open Sketchbook and wanted to play too! 😀

#1: What is your must-have tech gadget?

As boring as it sounds: my smartphone. I have everything in that thing, my whole life in digital format. It’s my phone, my camera, my bank, my newspaper… I have my emails and social media and the contact info of all my friends and family. Losing my wallet or car keys would be nothing but a slight inconvenience, losing my phone would be a disaster!

My phone is an LG G4 with the brown leather case. It’s 2 years old and still runs perfectly. The leather case is also ageing really well, a bit of patina only makes it prettier imo. I’m going to keep this phone as long as I can.

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Had a date night with the boyfriend yesterday, we went to the movies to see Logan. And holy shit, this was something completely different! ?

I hadn’t heard much about it before. I only saw the trailer once (gorgeous trailer btw, and great choice of music) and saw some vague praise on Twitter, so I didn’t know what I had to expect. Another X-Men movie, I guess, and it IS an X-Men movie, but not like any of the others.

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Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

The photo above is not black and white, nature just lost all its colours that day. I love when the frost clings to the trees and make everything white, it’s so pretty!

I always take a lot of photos of nature, but especially in the winter (and autumn). IMO, snow and ice makes everything look just a little bit more magical.

Here’s a photo dump from the past month or so. Scroll to the bottom if you’re just here for the dog. 😉

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