Back home! At last…
After our week in Visby we stayed almost a week at Markus parents, relaxing and visiting friends.
It feels like we’ve been gone a long time.

Our trip to Gotland was AMAZING and we had a lot of fun! I know I raved about Munich, but I think I have to say Visby is even more beautiful. But I’ll blog about that later. I have a lot of bags to unpack and like a million photos to sort through – but before that I’m gonna go sleep in my own bed for a change.

See ya!

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Only a few more days to go before my summer vacation starts. I love my job, but this week… damn.
The days have been endless. I can’t wait for my 4 weeks of freedom! πŸ˜€

We actually have something REALLY cool planned for next week:
We’re going to The Medieval Week on Gotland! :rock:

Gotland is a large island off the south-eastern coast of Sweden and, according to the photos and video clips I’ve seen, absolutely stunning. The biggest city on the island is Visby which is this incredibly well-preserved medieval city. It’s full of ruins but also have lots of still intact medieval buildings.
In honor of this they arrange a huge annual festival revolving around the Middle Age. The festival is really big and popular, with visitors from all over the world. I think it will be legendary!

From the website:

“During eight days in August the Middle Age is back. Gotland’s special settings, Visby’s 200 medieval houses on winding lanes, splendid church ruins, and the magnificent city wall frame a spectacle without equal.”

I’m really excited about it!

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I haven’t died or anything, I just didn’t feel like blogging for a while.

I’ve been working while EVERYONE else at work is on vacation. The office is offically closed and I will be completely alone for another week. Which sucks. But I only have two more weeks to go and then I’ll have 4 weeks off! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

Other than that I’ve been playing a lot of games, mainly The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which I finished last week (wohoo! :rock: ) and Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve tried World of Warcraft for the first time too now that it’s free to play. Haven’t got very far in that yet, but so far it’s good.

Oh, and Reddit. Lots and lots of browsing around Reddit. Curse that site and it’s addicitve content…

Finally got around to make a new layout too btw! It’s been unusually cold and rainy here so I’m already in “autumn mode” and felt like doing something with earthy, desaturated colours. The beautiful pattern is from The Inspiration Gallery and the font is called Pharmacy.

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When you’ve been online for as long as I have you’re bound to have some skeletons in your closet, and I thought it would be fun to show you one of mine. πŸ˜›

My online life started in the 90’s, when I was still a kid. Our school got a bunch of computers and my interest was sparked. Then when my dad bought a computer to have at home I got seriously hooked.
For life as it turned out…
I fell in love with the Internet, and during my random surfing I discovered the world of “cyber pets”.

For the young folks who doesn’t remember I’m not talking about Neopets and the like. This was before that. I’m talking about a whole community of people making images of animals, real and fictional, some where pixelart and some were scanned drawings, and offering them out for “adoption”. These “adoptions” just meant you saved the image and uploaded it to your own site where you displayed all the pets you’ve collected. Kinda like the “toyboxes” that became popular later on.
Some of these adoption agencies had massive sites where they had built whole worlds around their pets.

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In regards to my last post: there are some things I do like about summer. Like being able to walk “off road” in the forest without drowning in snow, hearing birds sing, and off course getting a few weeks of vacation. It’s not all bad. πŸ˜‰

My favourite part about the (north) Swedish summer though is the light.

I’m not above the Arctic circle (it’s about 200km north of me actually) so we don’t have proper midnight sun where I live, but it’s pretty close. The sun sinks below the horizon and the sky changes from blue to purple and pink, and then… the sun starts rising again. It never gets dark, and it’s actually pretty amazing. πŸ™‚
I have a step-cousin who lives in a city well above the Arctic circle, and this time of year I almost wish I lived there too just to have real midnight sun.

Here are some photos I took last night, around half past midnight:

Imaginary Karin - bright summer night

Imaginary Karin - bright summer night

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