First snow 2013

First snow 2013

First snow 2013

Look what greeted me when I got out of the house this morning: a thin layer of snow! :yay:

(Don’t know if you can tell, but the street and the roofs are white.) It kept snowing all day too, but most of it melted as it touched the ground. Only the north side of ditches, houses, and trees still have a little bit of white by them. They say it’s going to snow even more tomorrow.

Winter is my second favourite season, it’s almost as wonderful as autumn, so the snow is most welcome!

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Autumn leaves

Excuse me, but HOW beautiful isn’t autumn? Best time of the year right now if you ask me. I love having clearly distinguished seasons, that nature is completely different depending on where you are in the year.

I tend to do a little photo crazy during autumn (Colours! Colours everywhere!) so right now my phone is full of all sorts of leaves. This is what my world looks like right now:

Autumn 2013 - drops of water

Autumn 2013 - forest path

Autumn 2013 - yellow tree

“I am made for autumn.

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Our house in a year

Last year me and Markus moved from a flat in an apartment building to a small row house, and it was in the beginning of September which means we’ve lived in that house for a whole year now.

I thought it would be fun to compare so I actually made a little project out of photographing the house every now and then over the months:

My house - Sep 13 2012

September 2012

We moved in on September the 1st. Notice the pretty flowerbeds the previous tennant had arranged.

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Finally watching Doctor Who

Doctor Who logo

So after many years of seeing the whole Internet (well, my part of the Internet anyway) littered with weird gifs, quotes, screencaps and random emotional outbursts regarding Doctor Who I finally caved in and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Since I figured I’m late enough to the party as it is I skipped the old classics and started watching the new series. I’ve just finished season 2.

Aaaaaand this is what I think about it:

The show looks really low budget, but I’m not going to hold that against it.

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Getting inked

After years of hesitation and cowardice I’ve finally done it, I’ve got inked! My first tattoo! :rock:

Imaginary Karin - smaug tattoo

Imaginary Karin - smaug tattoo

The motif is of course Tolkien related.

I’ve had several debates with myself whether I wanted his name rune, the White Tree of Gondor, a horse symbol for Rohan or something else… But I went with this little illustration of Smaug, which was actually my first choice. The first time I saw it I thought “that would be a nice tattoo” and while going over all the other choices I kept coming back to it.

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