Imaginary Karin - Liebster Award

A while ago I got the Liebster Award passed over to me by the lovely Cat. I know I took my sweet time posting about it, but I’m very happy to receive it! Thank you! ^_^

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my favourite things linkup

My Favourite Things is a monthly linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene. Head over there to participate!

I had 4 weeks off from work this past month, and most of it was spent travelling. First to visit my mum, then to Markus’ parents, to Scotland, back to my mum… Last Monday I started working again and honestly it feels pretty good. It’s nice to take a break but it’s also nice to have some order and routine back in my life. 🙂

TV: Derek

Ricky Gervais plays an autistic/intellectually challenged/something else (they never say and I’m not educated enough to guess) man working at a nursery home. The plot mostly revolves around the daily life at the home, with all the challenges and rewards that comes with being slightly different and working with the elderly.

Sounds kinda boring, right? Yeah, it’s not much action going on, but it’s so incredibly sweet and funny! Very cheesy and sentimental too, but I don’t mind that.

This show gives me the warm fuzzies and a desire to be good and do good.

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Am back from my trip to Scotland! It was absolutely fantastic, Edinburgh is a seriously pretty town and the Highlands are beautiful beyond words.

The weather played nice for the most part. Had some sunny days but mostly it was mild temperatures, grey skies, and light showers every now and then. I hate being scorched to death by a blazing sun, so in my opinion it was perfect!

I was worried I wouldn’t understand the locals, but it went better than expected. It was only when hearing the Scottish people talking amongst themselves it got difficult to understand. I suspect maybe the shop clerks and other service people have been instructed to speak as normal English as possible due to the tourists?

Still don’t understand left side driving though… It was freakin’ scary sitting in taxis and buses, everyone’s going the wrong way! D:

There are lots of photos behind the jump, and as usual I have many more uploaded to Flickr.

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my favourite things linkup

My Favourite Things is a monthly linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene. Head over there to participate!

Didn’t post a My Favourite Things in May and June, but oh well. Here’s one for July anyway. 😛

Movie: Kung Fury

Technically I watched this one in May, but I want to mention it anyway.

If you haven’t heard about it before, Kung Fury is a crazy over-the-top short film created by David Sandberg and crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It’s based on pretty much every 80’s action comedy ever made.

If you decide to watch it, don’t expect a “good” movie because it’s not. It’s not serious in any way. The film is 30 minutes packed with every silly stereotype you can think of, including dinosaurs and David Hasselhoff. It’s a video game on steroids. Or possibly acid.

Personally, I just loved it! I laughed so much my sides hurt afterwards! A+

Music: Tom Waits

Remember what I’ve said about dark and gritty voices? Tom Waits has the kind of vocal cords that makes my skin crawl,

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Well not right now, but soon!
In 2 weeks time me and Markus + his parents are travelling to Edinburgh! 😀

Markus’s parents are big golf enthusiasts who enjoy visiting golf courses the world over. This year they wanted to go to Scotland and asked if we wanted to tag along. Of bloody course, I never pass an opportunity to travel!

I’m not a golfer though. I’ve tried a couple of times, but I can’t even hit the damn ball with the damn club… Not that I care, like most other sports golf doesn’t interest me at all, so I’ll leave the swearing and the bunkers to them. 😛

This will be my first trip to Scotland so I’m really looking forward to it. I expect crappy weather, gorgeous old buildings, equally gorgeous scenery, and not being able to understand what people are saying.

The usual touristy stuff like the castle and the museums are already planned for, but I’m trying to find some more unique sights as well. I’m definitely trying haggis if I find it! We have a very similar dish in Sweden that I really like, so it would be fun to see what the difference is.

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