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I bought ProMarkers!


They’re selling ProMarkers at our local hobby shop, and after oogling them for months I eventually gave in to temptation and bought some. I’ve seen some pretty cool artwork made with markers and have wanted to try them myself for ages.

After practising with random lines and blobs for a while I worked up the courage to attempt an actual drawing – so I made a quick portrait of an elf (because humans are boring and pointy ears are fun):

Imaginary Karin - promarkers elf drawing

Imaginary Karin - promarkers elf drawing

First I just bought a starter kit with like 10 pens, but quickly realised I needed more and went back for another set. It’s not like coloured pencils where you can just press harder and then add a thin layer of black on top to make darker shades.
Note to self: I need a dark neutral brown with no red hues.

I also realised you can’t just take an eraser and lighten up an area that turned too dark…
Imaginary Karin - promarkers elf drawing

Ta-daa! I’m actually quite proud of myself for making it look decent on the first try.
I just couldn’t quite figure out how to do the hair. ProMarkers have pretty big tips so I couldn’t draw it like I do with coloured pencils. With some more practise I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.
Apparently they also make these ultra-fine nibs so that might be worth looking into.

Also, I experimented with using my fingers to smudge the colour – you can even see the fingerprints if you look closer. It did work, although it worked even better when I discovered the set I bought had a blender pen in it… Yeah, turns out it’s much easier to use a blender pen.

I love how deep and dense the colours get from just the first stroke. No need to “rub it in” like you have to do with pencils. They are definitely worth it and I’m happy I bought them! I’m sure I’ll make many more drawings with them in the future.

My trip to Stockholm

Ready for yet another photo spam? I finally took the time to upload the photos from my trip to Stockholm and wanted to share. There are lots of images, so consider yourself warned. And as always the full album is on Flickr.


Drottninggatan (Queen street)Statue


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Cloudberry picking

We’re visiting Markus parents right now. It’s been pretty cold and windy, but just being here makes it feel like a proper summer holiday. I love this place.

On Saturday Markus dad took us berry picking. It’s a good berry year this year and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. I plan on going hunting for blueberries myself when I get back home.
Saturday though, the target was cloudberries:


Apparently cloudberries only grow in the northernmost parts of the world, like northern Europe, Russia and Canada, so I don’t know if you’ve heard of them before? They look kinda like raspberries, but are bright orange and grow in marshes and similar wet areas. They are very rich in vitamin C and you can make a seriously delicious jam from them.

I like them very much, but they can be a pain in the ass to pick as they grow on wet ground. It can be unstable (and, you know, wet) to walk in and you will most likely be surrounded by a million mosquitoes. I could definitely feel it in my feet the day after, and the hat I wore still smell of mosquito repellent.

Cloudberry bog

Typical cloudberry bog



Markus mum cooked jam of the berries, so now I have a whole jar of cloudberry jam for the winter. Win! You can buy it from the store too, but it’s usually pretty pricey. In my opinion it also tastes SO much better when you’ve picked the berries yourself.

And tomorrow we’re taking the train to Stockholm! Whee!



The weather hasn’t been warm enough to allow for a swim in the sea, but we went out there anyway. It’s not far from where we live (this is a coastal town after all, I tend to forget that sometimes) and it’s nice to just walk around and look at the pretty scenery and take pictures.


Unfortunately the coordinates on the bench doesn’t quite match where it’s standing… I tried them on Google Maps and the needle pointed to a spot south of there. Somewhat of a bummer.



The dogs camouflage colours work quite well it seems, even in this setting.


To my surprise BOTH of them voluntarily walked into the water. The big guy had to go first though, and then the little guy followed. And afterwards they both complained about sandy feet…

It’s summer again

Imaginary Karin - midsummer 2013 drawing

Midsummer 2013

A little more than a week ago, on June 21st, was the summer solstice. Midsummer, the longest day of the year. So this means it’s summer for real now and I for one just started my 4 weeks long summer vacation!

Freeeedoooooooommm!!! as William Wallace would’ve put it :yay:
(sans the decapitation)

Our only plans this year is to go visit our parents and also a short trip to Stockholm, which will be fun as I’ve never been there as a tourist before. Other than that I’m just going to be as lazy as possible.

Is anyone else doing anything fun this summer?
Or maybe you live on the other side of the equator and is in the middle of winter right now..?

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