Spring in the North

Yesterday was Beltane/Walpurgi’s Night and the whole country celebrated. Not me though, I’m suffering from one of the most persistent colds I’ve ever had so I just stayed in watching Hemlock Grove and eating candy. I heard lots of fireworks though, and I could smell how every single neighbour were barbecuing.

Spring has officially arrived now, and even though there’s still a few piles of snow here and there it’s getting much warmer and plants have started to sprout.

Spring 2013

The whole front lawn is snow-free now! Only a week ago it still looked like this.

Spring 2013

The grass is still dead though, and now you can see that ugly patch of dirt in the lawn…
But wait, what is that?

Spring 2013

Hey, something is growing! I wonder what it is?

When we moved into the house last fall we saw that empty patch of dirt and figured the previous tenants had a bush or something that they dug up and took with them when they left. I sort of forgot about it during the winter, but then when it started melting I begun thinking about what to do with it. Sow grass and just make more lawn maybe? Make an extra flower bed?

But now I have these sprouts sticking up. I’ll be watching them carefully to see what they’ll grow into.

Spring 2013

I also found a small yellow flower growing in one of the flower beds. No idea what that is either.

I’m like Jack Skellington all over the place. “What’s this? What’s this?” XD I know nothing about gardening but I’m very interested in learning. This is so exciting, to witness our first spring in the house! I can’t wait to see what else has survived the winter!

London 2013

The river Thames

So we survived our trip to London. The weather sucked but the city was so amazing it didn’t matter!

I took a million photos but since someone *eyes boyfriend* messed with my phone settings they’re no bigger than 640 x 480 px. Although most of the photos are all dark and blurry anyway because of the crappy weather. Well… no point crying over spilled milk, this just means I have to go back there and take new photos!

Click the “read more” to see the rest of the post. It’s quite image heavy and I didn’t want to put them all on the front page due to loading times.
I’ve also uploaded a set to Flickr if you want to see all of the photos.

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Zappo and Maja

Aww, look how cute they are sleeping next to each other on the couch.
(Of course the cat got the blanket.)

Zappo and Maja


Zappo and Maja

Was that the refrigerator door!?

Zappo and Maja


Silly creatures…

London calling

I can’t believe it’s just little over a week until we’re going to London! AAH!

We’ll arrive on Heathrow on Thursday evening (April 11) and our plan home leaves just after noon on Sunday so… that leaves us two full days (Friday and Saturday) + one Thursday evening.
Cathrine warned me of not having enough time to get back to the airport, so I assume most of Sunday will be dedicated to getting ourselves back to Heathrow.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern – our hotel is just a block away so we’ll definitely go there.

London is huge so I don’t expect to see even a quarter of what there is to see, and I don’t want to stress.
I rather see just a few things and have plenty of time to stroll around, than rush to see as much as possible. The city has survived this long, I think it’ll last long enough for me to go back later if I want to.
Most of all I just want to be there, to walk along the streets and see the buildings and the people and just explore. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.

It’s difficult to determine how much time you’ll have as I don’t know how much time anything takes. Google Maps tells me most of the main tourist traps are pretty close together and many of those things, like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, are just walk-bys.

On the other hand I don’t have many “have to”s, the only things I feel like I ABSOLUTELY NEED to see are Tate Modern and Tower of London.

Churchill War Rooms and HMS Belfast will probably get a visit too since Markus is nuts about military history.

(Love this post by Sarai btw, I feel even more inspired now!)

Tower of London

Tower of London – there’s no way I’ll miss this!

Another issue will be figuring out what clothes to pack. Up here it’s still pretty much winter in the beginning of Apil, but down there I assume it will be more spring-like? An umbrella is a must though, in England rain is to be expected.

So… any last minute tips or advice?

Easter rooster

Imaginary Karin - easter drawing 2013

In celebration of Easter and the upcoming spring, I doodled a rooster. Although he looks a lot more menacing than intended… XD

Whatever, happy Easter!

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