My Favourite Things: March 2015

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I think it’s a nice idea so I’m going to try and do this every month from now on.

Music: Oslo Ess

Sometimes when I’m bored I browse the “related artists” lists on Spotify, and during one of those session I stumbled upon the Norwegian rock band Oslo Ess.

They have some quite catchy songs, and I like that they sing in Norwegian.
The song in the video, Midnatt, has been stuck in my head for weeks now! I can’t speak Norwegian but I sing along anyway

Tv: Being Human (UK)

I’ve blogged about this show before, but I recently re-watched the first 2 seasons and decided I still like it very much and can still recommend it to people. It’s funny and awkward and kinda weird, with adorkable and interesting characters.

Also, it’s British, which means everyone looks like normal people instead of flawless Hollywood starlets.

My new dishwasher

my dishwasher

Our new dishwasher! I’ve never actually owned one of these before. Until now we’ve done all our dishes by hand like bloody cavemen, but finally we’re stepping into the 21th century!

This Macbook cover

macbook cover

I got a Macbook Air from work, and since I’m not a big Apple fan and would rather have had a PC laptop I got permission to “pimp” it however I wanted. After searching around I found this site that sells vinyl decals with a huge assortment of crazy prints. My choice fell on this slightly gothic design called “Time Travel”.

The material was really cooperative, so it was easier to apply than I thought it would be, and it’s supposed to be easy to remove too.
I’m really happy with it so far, the computer got 100% cooler imo!

The sci-fi bookstore in Stockholm

Thanks to work, I recently got to spend a few days in Stockholm. It was great fun! I got to see some previously unseen areas of our capital, got to eat some really good food (T.G.I. Friday’s has been added to my list of favourite restaurants), and visit some really fun shops.

The best destination by far was The Science Fiction Bookstore. They are a real “geek haven” with a wide selection of books, comics, movies, board games, and merchandise from all corners of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

Imaginary Karin - Sci-fi bookstore in Stockholm

I could easily spend a whole day in there. Partly because of their wares, partly because you can sort of actually get lost in the 1½-story labyrinth of shelves.

Those types of messy and cramped shops are actually my favourites. I understand that it looks better to have a small selection of neatly displayed wares, like at those designer stores with very expensive clothes, but imo it’s much more fun to raid a store that looks like someone’s attic.

Fortunately for me, the messy stores usually are the ones selling my favourite types of items as well: the geeky and the odd and the old.

Stockholm Sci-fi book store Doctor Who

The Doctor Who section!
I was tempted to buy the big talking Dalek plushie just to annoy Markus (he thinks Doctor Who is ridiculous) but unfortunately it was a bit too expensive. It also would’ve taken up too much space in my suitcase.

Imaginary Karin - Stockholm Sci-fi book store

Imaginary Karin - sci-fi bookstore Stockholm Harry Potter

A Harry Potter collection locked in a glass monter. I guess it’s a security measure, you wouldn’t want customers to grab the wands and start random wizarding duels, now would you?

They had a stand nearby with hats and scarfs, but only Gryffindor and Slytherin in stock unfortunately. Otherwise I might’ve bought a Ravenclaw scarf.

Imaginary Karin - sci-fi bookstore books

My very very small haul: a gorgeous illustrated Tolkien dictionary and Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosch.

Thing is I have a lot of expenses coming up right now, so I didn’t feel like spending too much. Besides, we’re going to Stockholm again in March so I’m planning on buying more stuff then.

Anyway, if you’re into geeky things and ever find yourself in Stockholm I recommend you swing by The Science Fiction Bookstore! It’s well worth it!

pig table

NOT from the Sci-fi store, but I found it and I feel I need to share it with the world: a pig table.

It’s… unbelievable. Slightly frightening. I’ve never seen anything like it.
In all honesty, if it hadn’t been so damn expensive I probably would’ve bought it right then and there! This is just my kind of weird, haha!

Snowstorm schmostorm

Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

It started snowing yesterday afternoon, and shortly after the wind picked up. By evening we had a real snowstorm raging outside.

At around 18:00 yesterday I shovelled the driveway and went to the grocery store – when I got back 45 min later the driveway had already filled up again. That’s how much it snowed. I was lucky my car didn’t get stuck.

Today the storm continues.
The main roads are cleared, but the smaller ones are pretty bad. Our little street has been reduced to a pair of wheel tracks through the snow.
The dog does NOT want to go outside, and for once I agree with him. I normally don’t mind harsh weather, but this is a bit much even for me.

Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

You know what’s funny though?
Nothing’s closed. The stores are open, and the buses run as usual.

As a child I would hear about the “snow days” they had in the south. How they would close shops and schools and everyone would stay home. I was so envious! I never got to stay home from school just because it was snowing!

Now, I understand why it’s hard to deal with snow down there.
In the south it’s usually warmer which means the snow is often much wetter and heavier than what we get up here. It can’t be fun or easy to deal with. And in big cities with buildings everywhere it’s difficult to find places to dump the snow once it’s off the streets.

But it’s still sounds a bit funny to me when they freak out over 5cm of snow in Stockholm when we can get 50cm and nobody bats an eyelid.

Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

Anyway, it’s still snowing like crazy, and the weather report says even more snow is on it’s way.

I just hope to see a tractor in my neighbourhood before Monday morning. I can clear my own driveway, but if they don’t take care of the street from my house to the main road I won’t be able to get my car out. Oh well, worse case scenario I’ll take the bus.

And I know I’m probably crazy, but I’d rather deal with this than extreme heat and drought.
As my dad always puts it: “At least we’re mosquito-less”.

How do you store your digital photos?

Imaginary Karin - photo sorting

I took on a monstrous task today: sorting through my camera folder.
*clash of thunder* *ominous music*

I don’t own a camera, but I own a phone – a phone I’ve had for almost exactly a year now – and the camera folder has (had) almost 1000 photos in it! And I’m not even that much of a photographer! D:

It took the better part of today going through them all, deleting and downloading and sorting into folders. But I did it, and for this brief moment in time my phone is empty!

I’ve realised I’m a real photo-hoarder, I don’t like deleting any of them! So I save every photo and my folders just keep growing and I keep adding more folders.

Right now I have like 6 years worth of photos stored on an external hard drive
+ a Flickr account where I upload everything I want online
+ a Dropbox account for stuff I need to access from multiple computers.

All of those have downsides though.

External hard drive can easily break.
Cloud storing like Flickr and Dropbox are convenient since they allow me to access my stuff from anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if my computer or hard drive breaks. On the other hand Dropbox is limited and Flickr is public and sort of clunky.
Printing is no option as I rather use my shelf space (and money) for something other than endless photo albums.

How do you store your photos?

I really want to know because I’m not entirely sure of my current system and I’d love to hear how others do it! Especially from fellow hoarders who never delete anything.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Of course I’ve watched the last Hobbit movie, and of course I have opinions.


The actual battle

If it’s one thing Peter Jackson does well it’s when the camera sweeps over the battlefield and manages to capture the massive scale of the destruction. It’s thrilling to watch.

What’s not so thrilling though is the one-on-one duels.
Just like in the previous Hobbit movies we have these looong drawn out scenes that could’ve easily been cut in half.
The final clash of Thorin and Azog is about 10 minutes too long, by the end I was like “ugh, just kill each other already”. Same with Bolg vs. Kili, Tauriel, AND Legolas. (That’s one epic orc by the way.)

One thing I especially appreciated was seeing the contrast between the different races.
The orcs being dark and gritty and mean-looking vs. men as a disorganized rabble of dirty brown rags and mismatched armour, the dwarves looking tough in heavy plate while wielding big hammers and axes, and the elves disciplined and graceful with golden armour and elegant sleek weapons.
It was very well done!

The Battle of the Five Armies

So shiny…

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