existing only in the imagination or fancy; not real; fancied:
“an imaginary illness; the imaginary animals in the stories of Dr. Seuss.”

fanciful, visionary, shadowy, chimerical, baseless, illusory.

YAY! New domain is live! 😀

When fishing around for a new name I tried to define myself. This is a personal blog about pretty much whatever I want to write about. The name should reflect me, and who am I?

Well, there’s one thing that runs like a red thread through most aspects of my life: fantasy.

The books I read, the movies I watch, the games I play, and the art I create is almost always fantasy related. The animals I like tend to be of the weird and unusual division. Even the music I listen to tend to have otherwordly elements (power metal ftw!).

So, I wanted a name that hinted at the fantastical, but still seemed neutral enough that I wouldn’t feel obliged to stick to any one topic or theme. And if possible I wanted my name in there somewhere.

I think I succeeded.

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So… *wipes dust off keyboard*… it’s been really quiet here lately, hasn’t it?
This blog seem to have been neglected for quite some time now.

I could blame it on being busy or something, but that would be lying. Actually; I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis.

I’ve been running websites since the early 90’s, and lots of different types of websites too. Fanlistings, pixel adoption sites, blogs… Heck, I even turned making websites into a career!
Needless to say, the Internet has changed a lot over the years and I have changed a lot. Lately I’ve been thinking about what I really actually want to do with my online life.

Most of the online communities I used to belong to has closed up shop and died. Many of my old blogging buddies seem to have up and left as well. And I miss them. Finding new circles to hang around and new people to befriend isn’t all that easy. The Internet is a vast sea and you can easily sail for weeks and months without finding an inhabitable island.

It doesn’t help that nowadays most people seem to only be interested in promoting their “brand”

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Imaginary Karin - first snow 2014

Imaginary Karin - first snow 2014

As is tradition, I’m here to report the first snow of the season! 😀
There was a thin layer of slush on the ground this morning and it was pouring down snow-mixed rain, but over the day the temperature dropped so right now it’s not raining at all – it’s just pure snow (too dark to take a pic tough, the ones above are from earlier today).

It just makes me so happy when it starts to snow, even if it’s wet and mushy now in the beginning it’s still magical. Like the whole world is getting cleansed and we get to start over again. I feel so full of energy, and giddy as a child!

Gods, I do hope we get a proper winter this time. At least it must be better than last year.
What a tragedy that was…

Any snow yet where you are? 🙂

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Storforsen 2014

High up in north Sweden, 80 km inland from the coastal town Piteå, lies one of the biggest rapids in Europe. It’s name is Storforsen, and it’s beautiful.

On average it has a flow of 250 cubic meters per second, around Midsummer when the flow is at it’s highest that number changes to 870 cubic metres. The water runs so violent that even during the coldest winter months it never completely freezes over.
In other words, it’s an impressive sight, and the sound it makes is deafening.

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Ok, I’m back. It was a close call, but I made it through.
In the future when I look back on the summer of 2014 I will remember 2 things: the sun and the water.

The sun

Up here we had the warmest summer in basically forever, with temperatures of around 30°C every single day. In north Sweden that is scorching hot. Any winds or clouds that might sweep past didn’t do anything to soften the heat.
There were reports of “tropical nights”, nights when the temperature never drops below 20°C.

It didn’t rain for weeks. Our lawn was all brown and crispy and didn’t grow at all, but on the other hand our strawberries were unusually sweet.

Needless to say, I almost perished. :sick: And almost killed every cheerful bastard raving about what a wonderful weather it was!

Fucking summer… thank god it’s short lived up here.
It’s been cold and rainy this whole week, and nobody is happier than me! 😉

The water

The mere idea of laying in the sun on a beach makes me panic, but I love swimming,

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